Things I’m loving in australia…week 1

I truly can’t believe I’m living in Australia…and with my favorite guy on earth?! No way. Sometimes when I say it out-loud, I honestly have to pinch myself. I had hoped in my lifetime maybe I  would travel here for vacation, sure, but to live? Not in a million years.  After months of packing and unpacking, leaving my job, my family and my friends,  I survived  72 hours of traveling with 3 changes of clothes, countless granola bars, and more downloaded “real housewives” and “say yes to the dress” episodes than I’d like to admit! Just one week later, I am feeling settled and enjoying my “new” life.   Here’s a glimpse at the things I’m loving…week 1!

1. Running on this:
2. Homemade iced coffee by Brandon
3. Wheetbix bites cereal
4. Australia’s “mutli-grain” cheerios
5. Morning runs in November, in sneakers that remind me of my twin
6. Motivational signs while running
7. Enchanting trees wherever you go
8. Australia’s “fro-yo”
me yogurt

9. Skype dates with Mom!
10. Living with this guy
me and b

What are you loving this week?

6 thoughts on “Things I’m loving in australia…week 1

  1. Aww it’s so good to see you sound and look so happy! Very clear why you’re loving it so much! I am loving the fact that I will be in warm, sunny FL on Friday! Xoxo

  2. I am so happy for you! What a wonderful “next chapter” of your life. I look forward to seeing you in December. Love you bunches XOXOX

  3. Haha, someone should have warned you we don’t do the whole ‘froyo’ thing here. It’s ice-cream or get out. Haha nah! I’ve found a couple of places that do frozen yogurt in just vanilla, and only one place that did different flavours like peanut butter, chocolate, coconut etc. I don’t know if our frozen yogurt is different over here- but it wasn’t all that surprisingly.

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