Things I’m loving in Australia…week 2

Where does the time go? I ask myself this on a daily basis, because I’m honestly in shock that I’ve been in Australia for over two weeks already, and even more shocked that Christmas is exactly 5 weeks away. Unreal! I must say that it absolutely does not feel like Christmas here, given that the temperature has been in the high 80’s-low 90’s every day. However, taking a quick trip to the mall earlier this week helped get me in the holiday spirit. Thanks to the copious amounts of decorations and holiday music, I left smiling. Oh, and of course,  leave it to Target’s Christmas collection to leave me $60 poorer, but still smiling.

Anyway, besides Target, highlights of this week included watching the solar eclipse, seeing (and feeding!) my first kangaroos and a koala, marking an anniversary with my love, finally feeling brave enough to drive by myself, and joining  a local gym. Here’s some more of what I’m loving this week:

1. Running on castle hill (look at that view!!)


2. First kangaroo and koala adventure


3. Fresh fruit bowls with muesli every morning
week 2fruit

4. The legit stairmaster outside our door (otherwise known as Jacob’s Ladder). I may have said this last week, but it deserves another shout-out. Best.workout.ever.(and it’s free!)image

5. My first attempt at healthy Australian baking…Muesli bars (yummy recipe coming soon!)week2bars

6. Surprise mail from one of my besties back home. Love you Julia!

7. Thoughtful gifts from Brandon, love these colors!

8. Skype dates with my favorites
9. The flowers around every corner
10. Celebrating a year of happiness with my one-and-only

What are you loving this week?


3 thoughts on “Things I’m loving in Australia…week 2

  1. Mere you look so happy! Love being able to read these posts and know that you are having such a great time. And soooo lucky to have fed those furry creatures….I have ALWAYS want to do that!

  2. You look so happy- you’re so very lucky to have this amazing opportunity (not to mention having it with your love!)…. Love getting to ‘catch up’ through these posts:) xoxo

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