Things I’m Loving in australia…week 3

Hello again!  Is anyone else speechless that it’s nearly December? Brandon and I say to each other almost daily that it feels like July here, so this past weekend, we decided to kick off our holiday season by bringing American Thanksgiving to Australia. It definitely helped get me into the holiday spirit and besides, we really didn’t want to miss out on turkey, pie, and all the fun everyone was having back home! So together we shopped, chopped, baked, stayed up VERY late, and served up a “Friends-giving” for 14 of our friends. While turkey day was definitely the highlight of last week, here’s some other things I loved:

1) Mail from home…thank you Mom and Julia!

2) Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate bars…or really any Cadbury bar, seeing’s how the average size chocolate bar here is the size of a water bottle. King-sized chocolate bars for a regular-sized price?!

3) Running to views like this ( so Beverly hills 90210-ish, don’t you think?!)

4)  New friends

5) Homemade pizza nights with my sweetie

6) New furniture to hold the (way too many)clothes I brought.

7) Witnessing Brandon make pumpkin AND apple pie from scratch. So proud, so proud.
week3.13       week3.14

8) Palm trees and the beach.
week3.11  week3.8

9) Late night cooking with my favorite.
week3.21   week3.26

10) Friends-giving Success!
week3.25                 week3.22   week3.6    week3.15

What are you loving this week?

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