An Australia Autumn in March

Hi there! How is everyone’s Monday? It’s Tuesday morning here, but since I’m constantly text messaging with my twin sister who is back in the States (there’s 14 hour time difference between us), I always feel like I’m in dual time zones. It sure isn’t easy to get used to the time difference, but you learn to deal with it. Anyway, this week it turned from “summer” to “autumn” in Australia. The term “Fall” isn’t commonly used here; I was actually corrected on that last week. I had no idea, but I do enjoy learning these language differences.  May I just say I have never been so happy to see summer end?! For the last few weeks the humidity has been in the high 80’s-and 90’s, so the fact that it is now cooling down, even slightly, is a big relief. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the weather here, but the humidity is the hardest part to get used to. Blow-drying my hair has NEVER been more difficult and straightening my hair just doesn’t happen anymore!

With a nice breeze all weekend, I took it as my opportunity to get outdoors and hike up Castle Hill, one of the landmarks in our town. One of the things I really love about Australia is how active people are. It’s very motivating. Even on a Sunday, the hiking paths were PACKED! This is the best outdoor stair-master there is if you ask me!


View from the top!

Happy girl to have reached the bottom!

Besides a hike, I enjoyed a birthday celebration for one of my girlfriends on Saturday night. It was a fun (late) night with great company, great food, and the most delicious muddled-strawberry vodka drink I think I’ve ever had!


In keeping with tradition, I cooked up a Sunday meal for us to enjoy to close out the weekend. I debated options for most of the day, until finally settling on what I was craving: a chicken-veggie stir-fry with a honey-soy sauce.  Plus, I found some Pad-Thai noodles at the store, which paired perfectly with the dish!

Today is my day-off from classes, so I’m catching up on homework and studying before watching the Bachelor finale tonight (thank goodness for ABC player-that’s how we can watch it in Australia!). I am hoping to make a crock-pot dinner to enjoy while we watch.

Does anyone have a favorite crock-pot recipe they’d like to share to inspire me?
If you watch the Bachelor, who do you want Sean  to choose? I’m team Lindsay!

10 thoughts on “An Australia Autumn in March

  1. You’re right – the time difference is so annoying! It’s going to be hard for us to get in touch with his family unless it’s on a Sunday morning (as it will be Saturday afternoon there) because we all work at different times!

    I have always said fall because I have American family and friends and travelled as a child (and now fiance and soon-to-be in laws) but everyone else was always confused why I wasn’t saying “Autumn”. Fall is a much easier, lazier word – haha.

    That hike looks gorgeous! What a perfect way to spend the day. I’m going to keep an eye on your comments as I’ve just discovered the crock pot at the back of our cupboards – and I want to use it!

  2. Sorry I missed all these posts, Mere!! But, that hike sounds amazing- I wish I was there to do that stuff with you!! And, that sounds like a great night out with your new girlfriends:) Dinner looks delicious! I have been a huge fan of Asian-inspired meals lately:) miss you!

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