Facing exercise fears

Hey there! In just 2.5 short hours this morning, I feel like I’ve gotten many things accomplished. I’ve:
Eaten Breakfast…
Made Iced Coffee…
Reviewed my notes for class…
Packed my lunch and snacks…
IMG_1541…all before 8 a.m.

I’m proud of that, but mostly I’m proud of an exercise fear of mine I faced today: swimming. Since moving to Australia, I’ve really changed-up my workout routine for the better. Instead of just running, I’ve tried new things. To challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone  and meet new people, I joined a gym and signed up for boot-camp classes along with participating in the group fitness and spin classes on a regular basis. Boot-camp beings at 5:30 in the morning 3 days a week, and while it’s difficult to get up, I always feel 100% afterwards. It is intense! Circuits, hill sprints, burpees, squats, boxing, you name it, we do it. And since we live on the ocean, sometimes we swim. I have to be honest, I have always chickened out at the swimming. The ocean at 5:30 a.m. just isn’t appealing to me. I’d rather run! But today, I faced my fears and swam here:


As you can see, I was a happy girl to finish:


(Please excuse my sweaty face!!)
I’m so glad I challenged myself, because I got through it, and felt great afterwards. What a great arm and leg work-out I had from that swim! Next time we have this challenge in bootcamp, I won’t be so afraid!

Have you faced any fears lately?

7 thoughts on “Facing exercise fears

  1. Good for you, Mere! While I love swimming and feel totally comfortable doing it (I used to be a swimmer so that should come as no surprise), but for people who are not comfortable doing it, I can see how it would be scary! I am proud of you:) and your boot camp sounds amazing… don’t you love the changes that your body has made because of all the new things you’re doing with it?

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