Work-Out Motivation Via Clothing…I’m Ready For The Weekend!

Happy-almost weekend! Does anyone else think 4-day weeks always seem longer than 5? The anticipation of a long weekend made this short week feel like an eternity to me. I could tell I was ready for the weekend when my alarm went off at 5 a.m. this morning for body pump and it took me over 8 minutes to pick out my gym clothes…8 minutes! All for something that I was just going to sweat in. Clearly, I’m ready for the weekend. I’ll admit that 8 minutes to pick out gym clothes is a bit excessive, but this outfit helped me get-up and stay-up rather than succumb to more sleep.
Photo post work-out, please excuse the sweat!

Now seems like a fitting time to talk about my clothing/accessory/matching obsession. If I’m late for anything, it’s usually due to clothing decisions(or indecisions for that matter). I haven’t really talked about this on here , probably because normally I’m talking about food or baking, but I truly adore clothes.  In my next life, I’ll own a clothing store and be a stylist. I’ve found that my obsession is just getting worse as I’m getting older.  In fact, when moving to Australia,  my five suitcases and two carry-on items were all stuffed full of one thing…clothes.
In the last few years, I’d say the area of my closet that has grown the most is my athletic clothing section. These clothes take up almost as many drawers in my bureau as my regular clothes!  Since I wear them everyday, I’m 100% okay with this, but please tell me I’m not alone. Who else has an overflow of gym clothes? ( I know my twin sister does!) In addition to my clothing problem, I acknowledge that I also have an accessory problem.  I almost always match my headbands with my tank-tops and sports bras, and usually my sneakers coordinate, too. This might be why it took me 8 minutes to pick something out this morning…whoops.

Here’s a few examples of my matching obsession:
PicMonkey Collagerun
As you may be able to tell, I love my headbands and I am loving the neon trend!

I blame my increasing love of clothing on the fact that for the last four years, I had to wear a black or blue suit to work I had never been so bored with clothing in my life! I made it a daily goal of mine to wear a fun blouse with my suit or wear a dress-suit to mix-it up, which really helped lift my spirits at work.  Liking my outfit ALWAYS made my day a little better…and I still feel that way about clothing today. When I like what I’m wearing, I feel better about myself,  about my day, everything.  Plus, clothing can be motivating too. There have been many other occasions besides this morning when my work-out outfit is what has motivated me to get out the front door and just run!

Besides clothing helping to motivate my work-outs, I also find that trying new running routes, taking a new exercise class,  or downloading  a new playlist on my iPod also helps motivate me.

Does your clothing ever motivate you?  What else helps motivate you when you’re not feeling like working out?

Are you ready for the weekend?
I know I am! I just purchased my first “hot cross buns” to celebrate our first Easter here in Australia, and I’m very excited to try one. I may just attempt to bake some, too! Happy Easter to all!

14 thoughts on “Work-Out Motivation Via Clothing…I’m Ready For The Weekend!

  1. I love coordinating my workout clothes, too — from my pants to my sports bra to my headband, I at least like it to be a bit coordinated. I think it comes from wearing black/blue/gray colors all the time, too. I make an effort to at least have one colorful/different blouse or accessory in order to keep The Man from crushing my sense of style completely. :)

  2. Totally agree with you on the workout clothes:) I apparently match my shoes to my tops without even noticing it (Lately i have not been a fan of the matchy-matchy look, but you look adorable when you do it!!). Lulu is my guilty pleasure (duhhh), but I figure since working out is my JOB, I should be allowed to spend copious amounts of money on clothes that makes me look and feel good, right?! So proud of you for always getting up wayyyyy early to work out! now that I teach at night, I never get up and workout in the morning:( Hope you two have a great Easter!! xoxo

  3. I wear (and wash!) the same workout clothes all the time which is probably why they get so worn out so quick! I guess I need to quit being so frugal and buy myself a bigger collection. After all, I think, no, I KNOW I am in workout clothes or a gi more than I’m ever in “real” clothes!!!!! :)

  4. I love neon colored gym clothing, orange and pink especially. And I definitely spend too much money on gym clothes and I’m running out of space to store them all. That being said, I’ll probably go shopping for more this weekend ;) Love your outfits, really cute!

  5. I love clothes too – but despite my huge collection of workout clothes… EVERYTHING is pink. I swear the people who walk past me in the park must think I wear the same clothes every day – but I really just own a lot of pink workout clothes and either gray or black bottoms haha.

    Oh how I wish I could eat hot cross buns! They’re so tempting – but I can’t even eat the gluten free ones!! :(

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