A Marvelous Monday

Hi there and happy Monday! Monday’s are usually rough, especially after a holiday weekend… right? Well, this year was very different for me, because we actually had today off in Australia! I always remember absolutely DREADING heading back to work after Easter weekend, so today was pretty marvelous. 4 day weekends are something I could definitely get used to! Anyway, besides just having today off, it was marvelous for other reasons, too.

Reason 1) Brandon’s back! We celebrated with an “Easter Monday” brunch on the water at C Bar, and this was his iced coffee, complete with whipped cream and ice-cream..Oh.my.gosh. it was good.

Reason 2) Picture perfect weather: Just look at that water!


Reason 3) Pretty coffee: I’ll never get tired of coffee art!

Reason 4) Taking a “Sunday Drive” on a Monday: We took a drive to the top of Mt. Stuart which overlooks all of Townsville, and it was breathtaking.

Reason 5) Going for a sunset run: I usually have class until 6p.m. on Monday’s, so running outside tends to be out of the question by then since it’s pitch black outside by the time I get home. That wasn’t the case last night, and I loved it!

Reason 6) Finding “Skinnygirl” Margaritas in the liquor store here: I am OBSESSED with this low-calorie cocktail, and the last place on Earth I thought I’d find it was Australia, so I was pumped! (To my girl Michelle back home: I am thinking of you when I drink this! : – ) )

Reason 7) Reminiscing about my childhood: We went to Toy ‘R Us to buy a few board games yesterday,and we found this Barbie car. It’s what my twin sister and I always wanted as little girls, and it was so fun to see it as an adult!

Reason 8)  The countdown begins for my parents arrival: In exactly 1 week, my Mom and Dad arrive in Australia, and we are ECSTATIC! I am so excited to hug them, words can’t even explain.

How was your Monday? Did you have today off?

26 thoughts on “A Marvelous Monday

  1. I am very happy about these extra long weekends and other holidays here in Australia, too! :)

    What beach is that? Weather is getting a bit cooler down here in Brisbane, so I am looking forward to a beach day sooner than later. We just booked a long weekend in Port Douglas in June. Have you been? I need recommendations!

    • I love these extra long weekends too Kelly! It’s actually a beach in our town. I haven’t been to Port Douglas but my boyfriend has, so I”ll ask him for recommendations!

  2. Can I reply to Posts where you are? If you get this I am really glad and enjoyed your Monday. Say Hi to Dr. David and your Mom for us.

  3. Aw mere so many parts of this post make me happy! Glad Brandon is home. I love evening runs- I always have more energy! Mmm my fav margs! So happy your parents are visiting- you will have a blast:) love you!!!

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