A Special 27

Hi there and happy April 3rd! Today is a very special day in this house…it’s Brandon’s 27th birthday! It has definitely been a happy day down-under. I have always considered birthdays to be very special, I think in large part because  my family has always been big on celebrating, but I also just really enjoy taking an entire day to celebrate a person. It makes you feel special…right?

Anyway, you know what’s even more special about having a birthday in Australia? It lasts longer! Brandon’s had a 36 hour birthday. Yesterday when he woke up it was his birthday, and today when he woke up it was STILL his birthday. Isn’t that neat? If that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is! However, one drawback of this is obviously that our families aren’t here to celebrate with us, so I tried to make it as fun of a day as possible. Here’s some highlights:

-Hanging up a Birthday banner: I love birthday decorations, and my Mom always put banners up for my sisters and me, so I am simply following tradition! ( I also bought balloons but completely failed at blowing them up because I can’t tie balloons to save my life!)

-Cookies ‘n Cream “27” Cupcakes: Oh.My.Gosh. These are my favorite cupcakes in the world to make AND my favorite cupcakes to eat!

-Birthday presents: 3 shirts and a couple of un-pictured work-out items, too. I really need some creativity help with boys’ presents, I find it so hard to think of new ideas! Any suggestions?

-27th Birthday dinner at Ciabatta: Best restaurant in our area, that’s for sure. We ate every last drop of food on our plates. Dessert included a homemade Italian Crustoli with Salted Peanut and Caramel Ice-cream, which tasted like heaven-on-earth!

-Birthday  “Skype” session and present-opening with Brandon’s parents: Brandon received his birthday package from his parents this morning,  so he opened his presents with them via Skype, which helped make it seem like we were all together. Thank goodness for technology.

All in all, a special birthday for my special guy. I’m so glad we were together to celebrate, and I am not wanting today to end. Love you, B!

P.S. I’ll post the cupcake recipe soon…it is a winner!
P.P.S. Thanks to my twin sister for the care package I received yesterday! Now I’ll be eating Easter Candy until June! (Not that I’m complaining…I cried I was so happy).

Does anyone have any birthday gift ideas for males? When is your birthday? Anyone celebrating soon?
My sister and I turn 27 on April 9th…5 days away! Eeeeek!

22 thoughts on “A Special 27

  1. The view from your place is amazing! Hey, if you’re gonna live in Australia, do it right!
    I love how your sister sent you a sweet care package and you made the BF feel so special on his birthday. You girls are definitely twins :)

  2. How sweet are you with your birthday banners and how nice of Brandon’s parents to send him gifts – there’s nothing better than a care package from loved ones.

    You’re on the birthday countdown home stretch! How cool that your birthdays are so close together!

  3. Happy birthday to Brandon! So many April babies. Mine’s the 20th and my dad’s is on the 7th! I have no idea what to get him. It’s always hard picking out gifts for guys. Maybe a gift card to play golf or a favorite restaurant would work!

  4. Aww so fun!!! I’m obnoxious with my birthday month, I mean, birthday;) I love having so many birthday buddies:) glad you two had a great day, and your view from your deck is amazing!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh and I usually get my bf experiences opposed to gifts because I find, like you, he is hard to buy for- he already gets everything he wants. Sometimes I try to get him stuff to like dvds, games, booze or whatever he wants at the time- clothes are an extra bcuz I don’t like getting him that for his bday. But experiences are big winners!

  6. Concert tickets are always a hit (like Bek says…experiences are always appreciated), or just one item that he’d never go out and splurge on for himself! I got Adam a Salvador Ferragamo belt a few years ago and he has probably worn it 400 times…literally. Rather than a bunch of small gifts, just one that he’ll love forever! I’ve found that works for me.

    Looks like he had such a great birthday! He’s a lucky guy ;)

  7. Such a fun birthday! It’s so sweet that you go all out like that for people on their bday :) As I’ve gotten older, I definitely let bdays (mine, included) sort of fall by the wayside (I acknowledge them, of course, but nothing big or fancy celebration-wise)…

    Your cupcakes sound dangerously delicious!

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