A Blessed 27

Hello from beautiful Sydney, Australia! I can’t believe how quickly this past week flew by…between my parents arriving, my birthday, mid-term exams and flying to Sydney, this week was non-stop, but in a good way. I was truly so overwhelmed that I didn’t even attempt blogging once, so I apologize, this is long overdue!

My parents timed their visit just right in order to be here for my birthday and my winter-break, and since they probably won’t be coming back anytime soon, we planned a long weekend of sight-seeing in Sydney. So far, it has been a memorable weekend, and it just started! I’ll be back with more pictures next week, but in the meantime, here’s some highlights from my blessed birthday week :)

My Visitors <3

My Visitors <3

Workout clothes from B!

Workout clothes from B!

New Lulu Lemon  gym bag from my best girls :)

New Lulu Lemon gym bag from my best girls :)

Plane to Sydney!

Plane to Sydney!

Perfect day

Perfect day


Sydney Harbour ferry :)

I must say, if my first week of being 27 is any indication of how the rest of my year will be, then bring on the late 20’s!

9 thoughts on “A Blessed 27

  1. What a great way to celebrate! That’s awesome that your parents were able to be with you on your big day! I LOVE your new Lulu bag! I’m putting that on my birthday list, haha.

    Don’t let anyone tell you any differently, your late 20’s will be a blast! There’s something nice about “growing up.”

  2. YOU GOT THE VINYASA TO VINO BAG?!?! haha I am so jealous! Lulu actually retweeted and replied to my comment about that bag on twitter:) So happy to hear you’re having a great time! You totally deserve it:) miss you! xoxo

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