2 weeks of memories

Hi friends, hope all is well!  It is Monday morning here, and my gosh I have a case of the Monday’s. I’m generally not like this, but I’m blaming today’s Monday blues on two things:
1) This is my first day back to class after “winter” break
2) My parents vacation has ended and they have gone back home : – (

It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies when you’re having fun. Exactly two weeks ago, we were just picking them up at the airport and it honestly feels like yesterday! Oh how I wish I could turn back time. As I look through my pictures, I truly can’t believe how much we did just two weeks, and how much fun we had. I must admit I was very worried that my parents would have a hard time adjusting here.  Between the 24 hours of flying and the outrageous heat,  I thought they might never want to return, so I’m extremely relieved to say I was wrong. They both declared this “their best vacation ever.” The time I spent with them was two of the most memorable weeks of my life, and I’m forever grateful that they came all the way here to see me. Love you Mom and Dad!

Since I took well-over 300 pictures in the last two weeks (clearly I am camera obsessed and have a slight problem), I’ll just share some of my favorites with you for now.  Some of the key highlights included: Holding koala’s, petting and feeding kangaroos, touring Sydney Opera House, watching fireworks in Darling Harbour, eating gelato almost daily, visiting the aquarium, and much more.  It was truly two memorable weeks.

P.S. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers for my dear friend Michelle and for the people of Boston. Michelle has had her third (and hopefully final) surgery, and while she is still in the hospital, she is on the road to recovery. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

2 weeks of memories (April 8-April 20)
Day at Townsville’s Aquarium!


I’m feeling 100x better after writing this post…one of the reasons why I love writing so much! Such.great.therapy! In the next few days, I’ll be back with a full Sydney recap of our long-weekend there, too.  Hope you  have a fantastic start to your week!

What do you do to beat the Monday blues? How was your weekend?

22 thoughts on “2 weeks of memories

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Don’t feel bad taking a lot of pictures! I do the same and I like seeing them on your page :) thanks forthe update on your friend too. It’s heart breaking but I hope she will be feeling better soon!

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time with your parents! You and your Mum definitely look alike and that photo of you with the koala is adorable!!

    Our weekend was jam packed! We stayed at the Swissotel in Sydney and I ate out for the first time since going gluten free (I think?!) two days in a row, haha. It was SO nice to have someone else cook for me ;P

  3. I just love reading your blog and see the pictures! They are fantastic! You can tell that you had a wonderful time with your mom and dad! They look so happy too!! xoxo

  4. Your pictures all look wonderful! Glad you got to hang out with your parents and it’s good news to hear about Michelle. :)
    I can’t beat the Monday blues. They beat me every Monday, sighhhh.

  5. That picture of you holding the koala is adorable! Your parents must have had such a great time seeing Australia through the eyes of a “local” ;) You’ll be home in 2 months… let the countdown begin!
    Yay for the update on Michelle. Very happy to hear that she is recovering well :)

  6. Aw i love this!! As you get older, you are looking more and more like your mom, which is a great compliment! Family visits really are the best, but saying goodbye is never easy! Glad you were able to have an extended vaca! xoox

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