Sinus saturday

Hello and happy weekend! This weekend hasn’t gone exactly how I’d planned thanks to a lovely sinus infection. When my parents were here, I came down with quite a bad cold that I pretty much ignored simply because I refused to be sick in bed while they were visiting. What first started as a sore throat slowly escalated to congestion and then turned into a stuffy nose…or so I thought. Anyway, fast-forward to this past Friday, and although I was still congested, I felt fine otherwise so I headed to spin class with a friend. When I got home my nose was terribly runny, along with other things that I’ll spare you the gross details of, but it wasn’t pretty.  I high-tailed it to the doctors, was told I had a sinus infection, and I’ve been on antibiotics ever since.  
It’s been a real exciting weekend around here, full of tissues and medicine!

Thankfully Brandon has been away for work, otherwise I fear I would have passed this cold onto him, too! I’ve really learned my lesson this time, since it’s my own fault for getting sicker. I’ll admit I need to be better about listening to my body,  resting when I’m ill, and easing-up on workouts when I’m sick. Since I’m used to working out on a daily basis and I thoroughly enjoy being active,  I find it difficult to stop exercising even if I’m not feeling 100%. Sometimes it just feels good to sweat-it-out. Plus, living in Northern Australia has made this even harder for me because the nice weather is motivation enough to get outside and exercise! If I have the flu, that’s a different story, but with colds, I tend to keep exercising, which really made it worse this time around.

What about you? Do you work out when you have a cold? 

Despite this sickness, I still had a fun weekend with activities that were sinus-infection friendly, including:
The beach with girl-friends:

Walking on the water:

Making homemade salads and pizza:

…And watching marathons of The Rachel Zoe Project:

I have a serious addiction to this show, along with many other reality shows. I especially love Rachel because I walked by she, her husband, and their baby boy at LAX airport last year and said hello (to which she responded!!!), so I sort-of feel like I know her…sort-of. You might just call me celebrity crazy…

Anyway, I’m off to study, prepare for Monday, and hopefully kick this sinus infection to the curb!

What did you do this weekend? Do you watch Rachel Zoe? What’s your favorite reality show?

24 thoughts on “Sinus saturday

  1. Oh you poor thing! Sinus infections are the worst – I hope you’re feeling better ASAP!

    I don’t watch much tv (as I never pay attention or have a chance to choose what we’re watching) but Here Comes Honey BooBoo is disgustingly good hahaha

  2. Ugh. SInus infections are the WORST!!! It’s funny that you wrote this post because I just wrote a similar one not too long ago. It’s a battle I always have with myself when I’m sick: should I push through it or rest? I usually push through it unless it’s stomach related, but I can’t say that’s the best idea! But, for active people like us, I think we can’t really be good at resting unless we are forced to. Hope that rest and marathon TV watching helps! Miss you!

  3. Oh, you poor thing! Sinus infections are awful — I get them all the effing time, and they’ll make a gal seriously miserable. I’m glad you got some meds and that you’re getting some R&R, though. I’ve struggled with the issue of pushing myself too hard when I’m sick; it was only once I had a lot of bad experiences under my belt (those 5 million times when I didn’t rest, got sicker, and took ages to get better) that I finally became comfortable with listening to my body and taking it easy. :) Hope you feel better soon!

  4. You have the best bun ever!! And Hope you start feeling better!!
    As for reality shows the Bachelor/Bachelorette are definitely my favs!

  5. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your sinus infection!!! I hope the meds help you kick it and quick! Also, that royal blue workout top…I want! Love the color and it looks great with your blonde hair :)

  6. Hope you’re feeling better! I remember playing a big university soccer game with a sinus infection and -5 degrees. The worst! I feel like colds seem to disappear much more quickly here in Australia than back in the snowy North; it’s nice being able to get outside to help cure it!

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