Three things thursday

Hello hello and happy Thursday!
I am PSYCHED it’s the weekend!
Boston strong <3

How do you feel about Thursdays? I’ve always loved them, but when I got to thinking about why, I realized that through the years my reasons have changed quite a bit. I thought this might be fun to share! For example:

In my four years of college I loved them because of the anticipation of “Thirsty Thursday”…a.k.a. the biggest drinking night of the week. I specifically remember sitting in classes on Fridays wanting to cry because I felt so ill and vowing to “never drink again”, only to repeat Thirsty Thursday the following week. Looking back, I honestly wonder how my liver survived it!

summer2007andNC 023summer2007andNC 028
Bryant University Thirsty Thursday throwbacks!

In my 4+ years in corporate America, I loved them for what we at John Hancock called “LTK Thursday”…a.k.a. the biggest drinking night of the work week at the bar next door, Legal Test Kitchen. We went there so often that the bartender knew our names AND our drink orders every.single.time. I specifically remember thinking on many Fridays “how will I get through the day?” See a trend? Whoops.  Although I really do miss the social aspect of Thirsty Thursdays, I don’t miss the cost or the horrible hung-over feeling I felt most Fridays!
Throwback LTK Thursday with my best girls!

Fast forward to my present life as a  27-year old second-time student and gosh things have changed. I adore them because at 3:00 p.m., my classes end and the weekend begins! This means I can catch up on cleaning and homework,  go for a sunset walk and cook a great dinner. What can I say, I’m officially old.  : –)  Just kidding…kind-of.
However, besides just getting an early start to the weekend, I also love this Thursday for a few more reasons:

1) I woke up smiling thanks to an amazing dinner I had with some of my girlfriends last night. Sometimes, you just need girl-time, right?   I had 5 beauties over for a few hours of laughs and a crock-pot pork dinner, which was a huge success. I’ll post the recipe soon because it was too good to-not share!
Last night’s dinner. I loved the colors : –)
The girls (taken when my Mom was visiting!)

2) I was able to “sleep-in” until 7a.m. today and started out my day with a beautiful 4-mile run on the ocean, followed by an amazing BODYPUMP class.
Seriously, how awesome is that sunrise?
Super sweaty at the gym after BP!

3) Today is the last day I have to spend away from Brandon! He has been gone for almost 2 weeks due to work and travelling and I can’t wait to have him home.
College throw-back

5 years later! What do you think? Have we changed?

There you have it. I love Thursdays, especially this one!

P.S. Happy birthday to my dear Michelle! She is finally home from the hospital, and is on the road to recovery. Thanks for continuing to keep her in your prayers!

What’s your favorite day of the week?  Do you love Thursdays or am I alone on this?
Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? Please share!

22 thoughts on “Three things thursday

  1. Your Thursday plan for today sounds amazing! I want an early weekend with a relaxing night! My favorite day of the week is Friday because that’s when my weekend starts and you still have the whole real weekend ahead of you. Thursdays are pretty good too though…and it helps that’s today is sunny and gorgeous out!

  2. Wow, classes ending, catching up on housework, sunset walks and making a great dinner?! I guess I’m “old” too because that sounds like a Fantastic Thursday! ;-) Both pics of you & Brandon look so adorable, btw! Friday is usually my fave day of the week because it’s the start of the weekend and me & hubby’s date night!

  3. This gave me a good chuckle, because I vividly remember the Thirsty Thursdays of my college years and the Thursday happy hours from my first few years out of college. I, too, am surprised my liver still functions! (There were days when I fully expected to wake up to the sight of it walking out the door, waving a white flag, and giving me the finger. Now I thank it for its patience and give it lots of healthy things.)

    Now that I’m a brazenly grandma-status 30-something, Thursdays are…kinda pathetic. They now mean weekly meetings and reportts, snowballing fatigue (by the time Thursdays roll around, I no longer give a crap about doing my hair or spending an hour cooking dinner), and eager anticipation for the weekend. Gawd, I need to win the lottery so I can be a woman of leisure! ;)

  4. I am loving your Thursday enthusiasm! It’s just what I need to enjoy my day ahead! :) can’t wait for the crockpot recipe, your dinner looks so good! I love Thursdays too, but Friday is definitely my favorite. Happy birthday to Michelle and awesome on her recovery. Goodness.

  5. Haha, Ohhhhh Thirsty Thursdays. I will never forget the summer that I met up with you and your JF friends pretty much every Thursday. And, every Friday, I too, swore that I would never do it again, but clearly that was a lie! My Thursdays have drastically changed, too. I teach a double after work on Thursdays and by the time I finally get home (after taking the T and a bus), the last thing on my mind is alcohol:) Miss you- you look beautiful and so tan!

  6. Hahah! Oh the college days. Mine were “Soccer Sundays”, as we had a 48 hour drinking ban going into every weekend before games. Monday morning 8:30 classes were my absolute worst nightmare.
    It’s so funny how things change. I remember having a discussion once with my hairdresser back when I was 21 and thinking that I would be sad if I didn’t go out on a Friday night. Flash forward several years, and you’ll find me in bed by 10! Getting old is the best. ;)

  7. You guys are such a cute couple!
    I’ve never been a huge fan of Thursdays…….for most of my life they’ve either been music lesson day (blech), house cleaning day (double blech) or my day off (I’m addicted to my job).

  8. I’ve always loved Thursdays. Feels like work starts to slow down and if there’s anything I love as much as the weekend, it’s the anticipation of the weekend. We have a super busy one coming up but we will get to make the rounds and see tons of friends and family.

    I’m doing a little happy dance for Michelle. So happy to hear she is out of the hospital in time to celebrate her birthday!!

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