Friday favorites-australia edition

Hey friends, happy Friday! I started the day off by waking up at the awful hour of 5 a.m. to finish studying for 3 hours before FINALLY completing an anatomy quiz I’ve been preparing for all week. (Professors who think that it’s possible to complete 20 questions about the bones, muscles, and systems of the human body in 20 minutes are NOT my friends today!) It was not fun but I did well in the end so the extra studying was worth it! To celebrate, I headed to the spin class that I love but don’t usually get to go to given the random 9:15 a.m. class-time. I followed it up with a short jog to cool-down. It felt great to sweat, as always.

Side-note: Thank you all for the kind comments about my new job. The first week went well, and I’m really enjoying it!

Anyway, since it’s Friday and I haven’t done an “Australia Favorites”( or “favourites” as it’s spelled here) post in far too long, I figured I’d share some of my newest favorites down-under today. 

1) Koala ice-cube trays: I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved fun-shaped ice-cubes. These koala shapes took my love to a whole new level! I found these in Sydney and had to have them. They were TOTALLY worth the $14 in my opinion…totally. And while we’re on the subject of ice-cubes, coffee ice-cubes just may be the best invention ever. Brandon and I have been freezing our left-over coffee into ice-cubes at night and it makes our glasses of iced-coffee last so much longer. Genius!

2) Sugar Free and fruity alcoholic beverages: I don’t drink that often, but when I do I like to  enjoy the taste of what I drink! I am a big fan of twisted teas and hard lemonades back home, so I was hoping to find something similar over here for a treat every now and then.  I was introduced to these “Sugar Free Cruisers” by a friend and I’m really enjoying them. They come in a variety of different flavors and they don’t leave an acidic feeling in my stomach like many other fruity drinks do. Right now, I’m loving the mixed berry.

3) Veggie Burgers and sweet potato fries: I have lost count of the number of nights that I’ve consumed packaged veggie burgers and sweet potato fries in the last month, but I’m okay with that. These are an easy, healthy option when I’m in a time-crunch or don’t feel like cooking and it’s much more affordable and healthier than the fast-food alternative. Plus, if I can’t have my Morningstar Farms Black Bean Burgers, then I’ll take these!

4) Blue Ribbon 3-in 1 Light Ice-Cream: I remember enjoying Neapolitan ice-cream (chocolate/vanilla/strawberry flavor) as a child, but I don’t ever remember seeing it made with other flavor combinations…until I moved to Australia that is. Light vanilla/caramel/honeycomb ice-cream, all-in-one. I am hooked!

5) Sun-shields for cars: Nearly everyone I see parked around town or at the University has a sun-shield for their car, except for me. It’s important because it saves the interior of the car from fading and keeps it cooled off from the constant glare of the sun.  I’ve been waiting to find the perfect one, and I think I found it:
Hehehe…just kidding!  I laughed SO hard when I saw that.

6) The “cooler” weather: It’s autumn here now which means the humidity is gone. Bring on the scarves and sweaters! I had been dying to wear the new scarf and bracelet Brandon’s brother and sister-in-law had given me for Christmas. I finally had the chance!

7) Outdoor stair work-outs and outdoor exercise in general: To me, it never gets old exercising outside since I was only able to do it about 4 or 5 months out of the year in New England. Where we are now, exercising outdoors is even better with the cooler weather. Just look at these stairs!

8) Weet-Bix Bites: My favorite cereal just got even better with a brand new flavor. This combination is made with wholegrain wheat, oats, chunky shredded coconut, and golden syrup. I’m literally shipping boxes to America when we move home…I have an addiction!

9) Sunrises and sunsets: I’ll always love them, especially in Australia. Look at the pink skies I saw one night on my ride home from class!

IMG_2055 IMG_2689

10) Seeing these little boys: I know they aren’t in Australia, but seeing my nephews ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. I hope they make you smile, too!

Have a great Friday!

What are you up to this weekend?
On Sunday, I’m planning on running in a Mother’s Day 5K with some friends. Since I can’t be with my Mom, I’ll run it in her honor : – ) Love you, Mom!


28 thoughts on “Friday favorites-australia edition

  1. Koala ice cubes have to be the cutest addition to a drink ever! I think I’m going to start freezing almond milk cubes to use in smoothies. Love your scarf/bracelet combo! You’re gorgeous and I am convinced you look great wearing anything :) I’m running a 5k on moms day too! Have a great weekend, Girly!

  2. OMG, THE KOALA ICE CUBE TRAY. I love it! If I ever visit Australia (which I *really* hope I do), then I’m going to have to search high and low for one of these things. :)

    Also, the scarf and bracelet look fabulous — it’s always fun to bust out new accessories and outfits when the seasons change! Have an awesome weekend, and happy Mother’s Day to your mama!

  3. Wheetbix! Definitely a new, personal fave. I’ve only been eating the regular though; might be time to branch out…
    hahah, I love that we are discovering all of these fun Aussie things at the same time. I need to start making lists or something.

  4. So many things to love on in this post! :) Those ice cubes are so adorable and, yes, absolutely worth the price tag! :) I neeeeeed to start freezing my leftover coffee too, I’ve heard so many wonderful things about doing that. Ugh #stopbeinglazy.
    Those burgers look like they could almost taste better than Morning Star patties…. Do they??? We have the same ketchup problems. Big time. I can go through a whole bottle at a restaurant. Luckily my first date with my boyfriend didn’t involve a ketchup food or else he likely would have dipped out. You are so adorable with your yellow colors in this post! It’s weird to be reminded that you have different seasons than in the states… It’s starting to get humid and gross here and you’re just coming off that! Both good points in the year, if you ask me!
    Good luck at your 5K this weekend!! :) Also, love workouts outdoors too. You just feel so much better.

  5. I love your scarf and bracelet!! SO pretty! And i appreciate the amount of ketchup on your burger and plate. I LOVE ketchup. when i was younger my sister and i would literally be go to the kitchen because we were in the mood for ketchup and eat things only because we needed some sort of edible vehicle to get the ketchup into our mouths. have a great run on sunday!! happy mothers day to your mama!

  6. I love that you’re running in a Mother’s Day 5K and that last pic is so sweet! :-) And hmmm.. I wonder if they have those veggie lentil patties in the U.S.?? They look amazing!

  7. I am in love with your life!! Living in Australia is a dreammmm!! Those ice cube trays are SO cute. I love your autumn outfit, we are getting into spring (as you know) in the states so no more of those outfits for me for a while! Have fun with your race!

  8. Lots of fun things in this post! So funny how it’s cooling down for you just as it’s heating up for us (hopefully, anyway!). I am so excited to get to exercise outside again! As always, beautiful pics!

  9. I love your style! Yellow scarf and yellow bracelet – Fabulous! Fall clothes are my favorite, so I’m kind of jealous that you guys are heading into Autumn. Those koala ice cubes are ridiculous… and by that, I mean I’m going to be on the look out for my own set! The coolest ice cube tray I ever got was a shot glass mold, so you could pour a shot into the “ice cube” and drink up. Thanks for the fun post!

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