Mother’s Day (and birthday!) wishes

Hey there! I hope you’re having  a fantastic weekend. It’s already Mother’s Day here in Australia, so I’d like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful Mom’s out there.  You have the hardest jobs in the world, and are all truly an inspiration to me.  Since I can’t physically be with all of the special Mother’s I know today, I ‘m sending you all my love in this post!

A Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful Mom…

My beautiful Nana…

My beautiful Mem…

Brandon’s beautiful Mom Sue…

My beautiful Grammie who is looking down on us…
All of my Aunts, cousins, friends, and the other lovely Mom’s I know…
…and to my beautiful sister, the best doggy-mommy I know!


Besides just Mother’s Day, today also marks my Dad’s birthday. He and my Mom are celebrating in Boston all weekend and I wish I could be there more than anything. You don’t look a day over 40 Dad : –) Love you!

(Fun fact: My Dad is a twin too! They are both over 6’6 and even though they are turning 67 today (!!!), they are still best friends. Twins run in our family and it’s the best!)


Hope you have a special rest of your weekend!

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?
Do twins run in your family? Please share!


16 thoughts on “Mother’s Day (and birthday!) wishes

  1. I had a brunch at my house today and went shopping and just hung out with my boys (:
    And no twins that I know of on either side of my family!

  2. What a beautiful family!! My dad is a twin too! And yes twins run in the family, in fact my cousin and his wife just had twin boys. They say it skips a generation so as my siblings and more of my cousins start getting married we’re wondering how many more twins will be born :)

  3. How sweet, these are adorable pictures! I wish twins ran in my family, so cool! I went out to dinner with my family and just enjoyed some quality time (though I must say, going out to eat on Mother’s Day is quite disastrous). So many people!

    • Thank you :) It is fun with so many twins, I just hope my sister or I have them too so we can carry on tradition! I know, mother’s day is always sooo busy at restaurants!

  4. Ok your gorgeous! all were blessed with the hot stick! HAHA. Happy Mothers day to all your mama’s! I wish I had a twin, that would be so much fun.

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