The best part of my weekend

Hey there, how was your weekend? I feel like I’m still recovering from mine, but in a good way. I’ve come to the conclusion that because I did so many different things, my weekend felt longer. Strange, but true! And longer weekends=happy Meredith!  Although I was utterly exhausted on Sunday night after a very busy Mother’s Day shift at work, Friday and Saturday were full of rest, exercise, ice-cream, good food and good friends. Can’t beat that!

Here’s a few of my favorite things from the weekend:

-A skinny Cappuccino to start Saturday off right:

-Ice-cream in a waffle cone for lunch:
…because sometimes you just need ice-cream for lunch! Who’s with me?
One scoop cookie dough and one scoop gold rush. I think this was the greatest lunch I’ve ever eaten. I have no regrets!

-Shopping purchases from Saturday, when Brandon bought me the greatest oven mitt EVER invented:
Don’t worry, we didn’t buy Brandon one. He was just being a good sport and trying it on for me : – )

-Some Saturday studying, but studying is always a little easier when it’s on the ocean:IMG_2771

-Saturday night attire for dinner with the girls:
That’s probably the most uncomfortable skirt I own, but I still love it!

-Mother’s Day 5.2K race on Sunday morning with my friend Kristy:
It was a fun race with great energy and a lot of people, which surprised me for a Sunday! I loved that it honored all of the Mom’s out there. Plus, I got a PR so I was quite excited!

-Part of my Sunday post-race brunch:
Note to self, I REALLY need to start making muesli parfaits. This was delicious!

-And finally, the best part of my weekend:
I purchased my flights home for late June through July!!!!! Boston and Maine, here I come!!
The countdown to home begins : –)
All-in-all, a lovely weekend. I just wish I could have spent it with my Mom. Next year I hope!

What was the best part of your weekend?
Do you ever eat ice-cream for lunch?
I do it from time-to-time and it always makes me happy, so I think it’s perfectly acceptable!


34 thoughts on “The best part of my weekend

  1. Wahoo! Congrats on that awesome PR! :) And that oven mitt is too cute an funny. That should make you smile while making dinner :) I don’t usually eat ice cream for lunch, although I’m not at all opposed ;) I’m more likely to eat a slice of pizza or dinner leftovers for breakfast…oops :)

  2. That cappuccino looks so pretty! And the ice cream, well, of course looks wonderful! CONGRATS on your PR for that race! That’s the best feeling ever to PR. :) Woo hoo!! I want an oven mitt like that for my boyfriend… Haha! That outfit (even if it’s uncomfortable) is SO freaking cute and I am in love with it!
    YAY for coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) I eat ice cream for meals sometimes, but I’d rather eat a piece of cake for a meal instead. Crazy woman, I know.

  3. Yay, CONGRATS on that PR Meredith! Your weekend sounds absolutely divine – the yummy capuccino, cute outfit for your night with the girls, an ocean background for studying, plus you get to go home… ALL looks wonderful. So happy for you! Glad you had a great wkend! :) The best part of my wkend was talking to my mom over the phone and hearing her squeal over the Mother’s Day gifts w got her!

  4. Ice cream for lunch is awesome! I totally agree that sometimes it’s just what a gal needs. :) Congrats on your 5K PR — that’s freakin’ fantastic — and hooray for your glorious trip home! I’m glad you had such a lovely weekend, and I hope your week continues on that same trajectory!

  5. I’m all for icecream for lunch and that cone looks so good!

    I saw those oven mitts in Myer the other day and told my Mum I needed one so Jesse can stop telling me off for burning myself all the time ;P

    Go girl for your PR on Sunday! and how exciting that you’re going home to visit! (and in Summer too – so jealous!)

  6. Sounds like a very busy but very fun weekend! I am totally with you on the ice cream for lunch thing! I sometimes eat smoothies for dinner for the mere fact that it can taste like ice cream! I also like how you chose two different flavors! I always have to have more than one. I’m a cookies & cream and strawberry kinda gal! YUM!

  7. Ice cream for lunch is perfectly acceptable. it’s one of the few times being an adult is fun, so enjoy it with no regard to nutrition labels! Plus you had a skinny cappuccino, so it cancels out ;) I actually passed a Cold Stone this weekend and thought of you, so I’m glad you got your fix.

  8. Uncomfortable or not you are ROCKING that blue skirt!! It looks adorable on you!! I love that you had ice cream for lunch, I had cookies for breakfast. And coffee, of course coffee. HA.

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