A work and play weekend

Hey friends, how was your weekend? Since I actually ended up working and studying for most of mine, I didn’t feel like I would have too many exciting things to share  (unless you want to know all about the yummy gelato flavors we had this weekend, that is Winking smile).  However, when I looked through my pictures, I was reminded that I didn’t just work all weekend. There was some play involved too, thank goodness!

-First, I got my new Bic Bands in the mail and proceeded to wear them ALL weekend. No slip headbands that give back to charity? I.am.obsessed.


-We decided to stay-in on Friday night, make pizza, and watch the American Idol finale: This ended up being the best decision ever. I swear, I’d choose homemade pizza over take-out pizza any day!


-I went for a quick run on the water before my Saturday shift: It always feels good to sweat, always!
(Wearing a Bic Band, obviously).

-I baked Sally’s Baking Addiction Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cookies for a going-away party I attended after work on Saturday: OMG is all I have to say about this recipe. Visit her amazing blog and try these immediately! (Thanks Sally!)

-I got dressed up immediately following my shift at work for this surprise party: Although I was late
and missed the surprise (major FAIL), it was a blast. Plus, I always love dressing up!

-I had Sunday brunch with the girls and got my favorite order: Muesli with greek yogurt and berries. Muesli is another food I’ll be shipping home to the U.S.A. when we leave Australia!

There you have it, a weekend of some work, some play, and studying in-between. Not a bad combination if you ask me!

Do you wear Bic Bands? Homemade Pizza or take-out?

Did anyone watch the Idol finale?
I loved it, I just wish Angie had been in the top 2!


30 thoughts on “A work and play weekend

  1. I’m with you on the homemade pizza! You can use really high quality ingredients and make it healthier – less grease, blech! Yours looks delicious, so many colors :) Also I am jealous that you can pull headbands like that off…whenever I wear them I feel like my forehead looks ginormous lol I’m probably just ridiculous.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try the bic bands! I always love seeing bloggers sport them, they’re so cute. And that homemade pizza looks delicious!! It’s 7:30 am and now I’m craving pizza, haha.

  3. Do you wear Bic Bands?
    Nope, never wore bic bands but yours look so cute! It’d be great to have for running!

    Homemade Pizza or take-out?
    Homemade!!! I agree…take-out just doesn’t compare. :)

    That muesli looks great too, btw! I may need to look up some recipes to re-create it! Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. I need to get on board the Bic band train. I just hate spending so much money on one small item, but I know it’s worth it because of their good cause. You may be the last straw in my holding out of purchasing one. Haha. We’ll see. :) Those cookies look fantastic, you can totally ship me some if you want! YOU LOOK WONDERFUL all dressed up girl!!!!! Love that dress and your beautiful long hair!!!! I want long hair more than anything. <3 Glad you had a play weekend! HOMEMADE pizza always, I agree totally. Butttttt, there's something so wonderful about delivery too….

    • Aw thanks lady! I need a hair cut but it scares me because its taken me so long to grow out!! Buy a bic band, I honestly think it’s totally worth the money and it’s a great cause :)

  5. I’m totally with you on the home-made pizza front – Brandon makes a mean GF pizza dough, and it’s delicious! Your pizza looks fabulously colorful, too – a healthy take on pizza is always a good thing in my book. :)

    I haven’t tried Bic bands, but they look awesome! I’m all in favor of a no-slip option. :)

  6. I have been wanting Bic bands foreverrrrr. I cna’t workout without a headband, but I hate when they slip! And, obvi you know i choose home-made pizza! It’s the best. On the grill is even better! You look beautiful as always:)

  7. Definitely homemade pizza! SO much tastier and oodles healthier too! Yesterday we had a surprise pizza party for a coworker who is switching out of our department and as we were eating all I could think about was “dude, homemade is so much better than take out”. :)

  8. I LOVE that Boston headband..SO cute on you too! Love the pizza, I had pizza this weekend but I totally bought mine! HA! I didn’t wanna make my own this time! You look gorgeous as always all dolled up!

  9. I must invest in some of these bicbands for teaching classes! Love the look! So I’m guessing they post to Aus? Is it exxy?

    Oh and homemade pizza rocks- we’ve decided next time we house sit that’s what we’re making.

    Ps. You look hot! Love the LBD.

  10. I have seen that Boston headband and I love it! What a great way to honor the runners, volunteers, and spectators. We typically eat pizza out…my favorite is oven baked Italian style. That is the BEST! Glad you fit in some fun this weekend!

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