three things thursday

Hello there and happy Thursday, how has your week been? First, I wanted to say that both Brandon and I are so saddened by the devastation that has occurred in Oklahoma.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected <3

On another note, I can’t believe how quickly this week has flown by!  One more week of class is complete and I have just one more to go (not that I’m counting or anything) : –)
I was just a litttttle excited to be off to my last lab of the semester!

I’ve actually been quite productive on the study-front this week, so I am hoping (fingers crossed) I’ll get enough accomplished tomorrow so that I can take most of the weekend off from studying. We shall see. Anyway, last Thursday I shared three things that had kept me on track and focused all week, so I kept that in mind for this week, too. Here’s three things that helped keep me focused and productive this week:

1)  Staying organized:
I’m not sure what I’d do without my planner. Maybe I’m stuck in the dark ages, but I just can’t get used to an electronic calendar or planner.  I know there’s Google Calendar and zillions of other options, but I have always felt like I NEED to see something written in my planner for it to be a legitimate plan. Also, call me crazy but I love buying a new, fun, decorative planner each year. I always look forward to it because it makes it seem like I’m starting out the year with a clean slate!

2)Rotisserie chicken to the rescue:
I struggled with meal-planning this week because I wasn’t really craving anything and I knew I wouldn’t have much time to devote to cooking dinner each night. All I can say is thank goodness for the easiness and versatility of rotisserie chicken. Most of the time, it’s actually cheaper than buying fresh chicken breasts here, and it saved me so much time! Plus, we ate it for multiple meals. First, I added it to a vegetable risotto to give it a protein boost…


…and then I used it in a South-western  black-bean quinoa stuffed pepper meal. I’ll share the recipe soon, I was so happy with how they came out!


3) Maximizing my time outside:
Fresh air truly does wonders for me.  To take advantage of the beautiful weather, I opted to study outside on our balcony multiple times, studied outside before and after classes rather than opt for my usual table inside the library, and exercised as much as possible outdoors, too.  I felt more awake, revived, and just felt happier. I love the outdoors, and I am especially loving Autumn in Australia!

Thumbs down to Anatomy…thumbs up to outdoor studying
(Please excuse the hanging laundry!)

Can’t beat that sunrise after my work-out on Wednesday : –)

So, does anyone else use a planner or am I seriously stuck in the dark ages?
Do you ever buy rotisserie chicken? If so, what do you make with it?
I often just shred the chicken and use it as salad toppers and inside of wraps or sandwiches, but I really enjoyed adding it into meals this week!

34 thoughts on “three things thursday

  1. I LOVE buying new planners! Unfortunately, I’m a little OCD about writing stuff down in my planner – if I write it down and then end up not doing it or the time is changed or something, it drives me crazy.

  2. I love your planner!! I haven’t used one in ages but the one I used in college was bright red and I loved it. And yes- i love rotisserie chicken- it makes life so easy. i do the same thing with it- sandwiches, salad toppers, sometimes i’ll throw it in a pasta dish, stuff like that. that sunrise is gorgeous! happy day-before-friday hun!

  3. LOL love the little side note about your hanging laundry :) Good luck with your last week of classes, that’s always exciting/slightly stressful. And for not having any time in the kitchen, your meals look WAY better than anything I’d ever make during finals time, kudos!!

  4. I got through stages with my planner! I’ll use it every day for a few weeks and then forget about it lol Love your purple nike shirt!

  5. Haha, I am just like you! I have to write things down. I love to-do lists and post-its, haha I also live by my work calendar thing because I keep all of my things written down in it! Also, I have that purple nike shirt, but in long sleeves… I LOVE it!! xoxo

  6. Meredith, I always have to have a planner to write in. Dan thinks I’m crazy because I could just put everything in my phone…but I can’t! I literally bring that planner everywhere {even on vacation!}.

  7. Omgosh I love reading your dinners – so creative and you give me so much inspiration!! Your planner is cute, I’ll have to show you mine one day! I totally love it and I use it for working out scheduling. It’s perfect and I don’t care how many times you invite me to a google calendar event, I’m still using my planner. :)

  8. That last picture is screen saver worthy for sure! Great ideas…I hope you get your studying done so that you have some fun and just think about what a great summer you’ll have ahead!

    Ps Great idea with the rotiserrie chicken. That is my fave Friday go to chicken and I always have leftovers!

  9. I also use an old-school planner – you’re in good company on that one! (And, might I add, your planner is incredibly cute! There’s just something about an adorable planner that makes it even more useful. :)) Also, rotisserie chickens are the best. They’re so convenient, and like you said, versatile — really, they’re a busy gal’s foodie BFF.

    Happy almost-end of the semester!

  10. I WISH I could get on the planner wagon, because the idea is SO great, but for some reason I get MORE unorganized with one. I need to just train myself if I want to keep one. I do better with pieces of paper haha. My schedule isn’t too crazy, so it works! I love that sunset, so jealous!

  11. I LOVE my daily planner. I am very OCD about it though, and things have to be written in with the right color pen- blue for work, green for ‘events’ and pink for birthdays. :)

  12. I love planners – whilst I set everything up in my iPhone and iPad calendars, I also have a paper planner that I carry everywhere when I’m working and a weekly desk planner so I can visually see what’s on that week. (Is it any wonder I never forget anything? haha). I actually have to buy a new planner soon as I have a financial year one.

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