For my Dad

Hey friends, how are you? I’ll be honest, I’m a bit emotional at the moment. It’s just one of those days when I really wish I was home.  I’m always missing home but today is different, because today is a very momentous day for my Dad. Today my dear Daddy is retiring from his 41 year career as a Doctor of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.

As I type this, I truly can’t believe it’s happening.  For those of you who don’t know my Dad, I’ll give you some background:
My Dad grew up in Northern New Hampshire in a small town called Groveton, where he graduated from his high-school class as Valedictorian. (Fun fact: his class only had around 35 kids in total!) Following high-school, he attended the University of New Hampshire, where he received his bachelor’s degree.  He then went-on to graduate from Boston University School of Medicine. Following his four years at UNH and four years in medical school, he then completed a one-year internship, followed by a two-year residency at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, New York. Following this, he completed an additional two-year fellowship in Gastroenterology at Upstate Medical Center.
Here’s my Mom and Dad at his BU Medical School reunion last year

Have you lost count yet? That’s over 13 years of higher education! There’s a reason why he’s the smartest person I know : –) Somewhere in the midst of all of this education, my Mom and Dad got married, too. She has been at his side the entire time, and is an incredible support system for him. This year will mark their 38th wedding anniversary!

Anyway, in total, my Dad has practiced Internal Medicine and Gastroentrology for 41 years. For the last 37 years, he practiced at Goodall Hospital in Sanford, Maine. (This is actually the same hospital my twin sister and I were born at, too)!  His practice started out as a combination of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology(GI), but after many years he began to specifically specialize in GI only; it’s truly what he loves and it is currently what he still specializes in today.  By looking at him, you’d never guess his age. He doesn’t look a day over 40 in my book!

Goodall Hospital

I’ve never met a doctor quite like my Dad.  Kind-hearted, compassionate, dedicated, passionate about his job, and putting his patients first are just a few traits to describe him. You don’t find many people out there who genuinely love their job, but he is one of them. He’s also quite funny, and over his years at Goodall he has become well-known for frequently carrying a joke or two around in his pocket to share with nurses, colleagues, and patients. His office staff  often finds him munching on a piece of chocolate or some-sort of dessert, and he’ll never say no to ice-cream (it runs in the family, clearly)!
With Dad at OrangeLeaf in Delray Beach, FL, enjoying some Fro-Yo!

Today my Dad has so much to be proud of.  Not only for his 41 year career in medicine, but also for his life-long dedication to helping others and saving lives. He has detected cancers, diseases, and sicknesses. He has delivered good news and bad news to patients with both compassion and grace. He has worked late nights for as long as I can remember and worked most weekends, just to be sure he personally placed phone calls to all of his patients.  For the last 41 years, he has devoted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to helping others. So today, I celebrate my Dad on his exceptional career, his well-deserved retirement and his “new” life with my Mom.  I’m not sure if he’ll relax completely for awhile,  but he sure does deserve it. I love you, Dad!


44 thoughts on “For my Dad

  1. Mer, great post! Our parents have some mutual friends and they’ve always told me your dad was one of a kind. I really enjoyed getting to know him a little more. Congratulations Good Doctor!

  2. Oh, wow — a HUGE mazal tov to your dad! 41 years as a compassionate and highly skilled physician is an amazing accomplishment, and I hope he and your mom have a grand ol’ time together now that he’s retiring!

    Also, I know it can be really hard to be so far away for big family events like this, so I’m sending you a big hug from afar. I was in Israel when my brother started high school and when my family moved across the country, and it hurt like mad not to be home. So, in the event that this momentous occasion ushers in some epic homesickness, a) I can totally empathize, and b) hang in there!

  3. Beautifully said Meredith!! Your dad is a very special man!! The stories of his kindness and care do not end!!

  4. A beautiful tribute, Meredith ! And so well-deserved. Couldn’t be prouder of him myself ! Will always cherish our childhood spent together in Groveton,
    , our time at UNH (wouldn’t have made it thru chemistry without his patience and tutoring !) and the many wonderful family memories over the years, Chuck and I both wish him the happiest of retirements with lots of new memories along the way !

  5. wow i love this post! how lucky the medicine field was to have such a dedicated, skilled, kind physician for so long. i hope his retirement years are happy, relaxing & filled with the things he likes to do and also lots of time with your mom! how lucky you are to have two great parents. :)

  6. What a beautiful post and CONGRATULATIONS to your dad! My dad is a family practice doctor and a D.O. as well. He retired from the military (which was where he practiced) in 2007, and although he was “done” and put in his “time” he just couldn’t stay away. He now works at an air force base as a civilian doctor. The dedication and education that our papa’s have is inspirational!

  7. oh my gosh, well congrats on an AMAZING career and a happy retirement to your dad! What a fantastic tribute post, and what an incredible life story. i love your family (i realize i dont actually know you guys) but your posts are always so loving and your photos are always SO cute. you guys are the best :)

  8. What an amazing lifetime your Dad has had! So much more than a career to him- truly a passion and a way of life for him! Congratulations to him!!
    This post kinda made me tear up because you tell you are so proud of your Dad- and you have so much to be proud of!!

  9. This was so touching to read! It gave me some chills! You are so so so proud of your dad and you wrote this so well! I loved reading it! Congratulations to your dad – it does sound like he may take some time to truly relax, but who can blame him? You and your family are absolutely adorable.

  10. Wow, that is super impressive!! Congrats!! My brother just graduated from medical school and will start his residency in Internal Medicine in July. I hope he has a long and successful career like your dad did!

  11. What a wonderful tribute, Miss Meredith, to your Dad and my brother. You gave a great description of his life, his ability to be such a wonderful doctor, and his compassion for his family. Uncle John and I are very proud of him and wish him a happy and fulfilling retirement doing things he likes, having lots of fun, and eating lots of ice cream! We have had a lot of wonderful times together, and I hope we
    can have more.

  12. Congratulations to your dad!!! Oh my gosh, he does look really young. I was reading this trying to do the math in my head and, well, I always hated math so lets just say someone has awesome genetics. Lucky you, having access to those genes… Your mom is gorgeous too. He deserves some time off… And aren’t you going home soon? Perfect timing :) Anyways, have a good weekend girlfriend!

  13. What a nice tribute!!! Hopefully your Dad will take some time to relax and enjoy his downtime. I am sure he’ll be happy to have time off when you are home visiting.
    PS- your Mom is a beauty queen!!!

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  15. Mere, this was such a sweet, sweet post for your dad! you should print it and bind it for him:) Your dad is an amazing doctor (I can attest since my dad had to go to him many times!!!) and deserves this retirement as he was always working. Congrats, Dr. Rowden!

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