Never Too Old For Dress-Up

Happy weekend, friends! How are you? Having a restful weekend? I sure hope so. I’ve  rested for most of the day today because I may have had a littleeee too much fun last night.  A sure sign of this was that Brandon and I both woke up with headaches! Luckily, we were both craving the same thing this morning: scones. I  was just recently told about a bakery in town that sells fresh scones with cream and jam for just $3.00, so that’s exactly where we headed. Good, fresh scones that aren’t crumbly are extremely hard to come-by in my opinion, but these are spot-on!  We’ve become hooked after just two visits. Just look at these raspberry beauties:

Anyway, I needed that cappuccino in a bad way this morning because we attended a masquerade ball yesterday evening (our first) and it was a blast. I felt like I was playing dress-up all night thanks to my mask. I must say, getting dolled up every once-in-a-while is so darn fun!

Since this was my first masquerade ball/mask-wearing experience, I had no idea what to do with my hair. Most of my friends here got their hair professionally done, but I really enjoy curling/doing my hair (and I need to be saving money!) so I opted to experiment with a curly low side-ponytail:
I was happy with my decision to wear it up, especially at the end of the night. I always find that when I wear it down and curly, it is just so straggly after a few hours. Not this time! : )
Isn’t my date handsome? Winking smile

The masquerade ball was put-on by the gym Brandon and I are both members of here, which I think is pretty out-of-the-ordinary for a gym to do! They held the ball as the concluding ceremony to their 12-Week Challenge competition that they sponsor each year.
Basically, any gym member can sign up for the challenge, and while I’d heard this competition was always popular in the past, this year it was more popular because the winning prize was $10,000! Besides that, the winning personal trainer also received $1,000. Our friend Zac was actually the winning trainer, and Brandon had some fun stealing holding onto his giant check:
“I always wanted to do this!”-Brandon

I really enjoyed the night as a whole. In addition to having drinks and a nice dinner with many of our close friends, it was so inspiring to hear the top-10 participants speak and see their ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos revealed. In total, the contestants lost 654 kilos (which is about 1,442 lbs!!!). Plus, I loved seeing people from the gym all dressed up that I’d only ever seen previously in work-out clothes!

I owe a HUGE thank you to my Mom for mailing me my dress. I bought it last year for a black-tie event at Brandon’s company but haven’t had a reason to wear it since. I didn’t pack-it when I moved to Australia because  I certainly didn’t think I’d need many (if any) formal clothes as a student. It is easily the most comfortable formal gown I’ve ever owned, so I was excited to have the chance to wear it again. You are never too-old to play dress-up, at least not in my book!


Does anyone else hate paying so much money for a dress and only having the chance to wear it once-or-twice?
I do, so I was ecstatic to wear this a second-time around. It makes me feel like I got my money’s worth : )

Have you ever been to a masquerade ball?
Do you like to dress-up?
I love it, and I’ll find any excuse to do so!


29 thoughts on “Never Too Old For Dress-Up

  1. THAT DRESS!! OH my gosh that red dress is gorgeous!! You look stunning. I happen to think your hair looks THE BEST out of the entire group, and amazing that you did it yourself! I’ve never been to a ball like this (or any ball, just HS dances haha) but it sounds so fun!!

  2. Beautiful!!!! And I always hated having to pay to buy a formal gown each year for the military ball- this year I finally got smart and rented a Badgley Mischka dress from Rent the was such a cool experience to get to wear a super expensive dress I would never buy and paying a fraction of the cost to rent it!

  3. Omg I love everything about this post – your beautiful dress, face, hair, date, evening, everything! So wonderful!! I love the masks! I have never been to a masquerade but that looks amazing!! You are so adorable together! Kudos to your mama for sending the dress, that’s awesome! It looks exquisite and that picture with you and the other girls is gorgeous! All the dresses are so fancy and perfect! :)
    And those scones, move aside woman, I’m coming to get some on my own. Raspberry jam is my favorite flavor and that stuff looks divine. :) Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. Oh how fun!!! I’ve always wanted to go to a masquerade ball! you look beautiful- i love your hair, your dress, your mask, all of it. you have the best gym ever! i also LOVE brandon’s bow tie!! anyways glad you had a fun weekend! enjoy your monday :)

  5. I went to a masquerade hens night once, but it wasn’t nearly so fancy as this event! Wow, you looked beautiful :)

    I actually just finished a 12 Week Challenge with my gym, and our gala dinner was NOT this nice! We had it at the big Entertainment Centre (a massive events venue) and everyone just got really drunk. Ha! So much for a healthy finish to the challenge :)

  6. What a fun event! You guys look stunning! That is really cool of your gym to throw such a fun and festive ball. I’ve never seen the gyms here do that but it’s a great idea. Glad you enjoyed your first masquerade ball… You certainly got adorable pictures out of it!

  7. Hi. Completely random but I came across your page looking for info on Strand Fitness and can’t help but ask what bakery did you go to? Looks delicious! I’m new to Townsville and wanting to discover new places. Sorry about being so cheeky and asking.
    You looked wonderful in the photos.

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