fathers are a blessing

Happy Father’s Day to all of the special Dad’s out there. You are truly a blessing.

Sending lots of love to all of the wonderful Dad’s I personally know, especially to:

Brandon’s Father, who is like a second-Dad to me and I’m so grateful for him…
(can’t wait to hug you in a week, Brad!)

…And to my Dad, who I feel incredibly blessed to have in my life each and everyday.IMG_2500 
You’re not just my Dad, you’re also my:

Fellow ice-cream fanatic…

Fellow frozen drink lover…

Stellar  landscaper…

#1 Grandpa…

Napper extraordinaire…

Chocolate lover…


My supporter…
…and basically the best man I’ll ever know. I love you, Dad. See you in 5 days!!! xoxo

Enjoy your Sunday : –)

8 thoughts on “fathers are a blessing

  1. Woo hoo, I’m so happy you’re going home to see him, and everyone, very soon!!!!!!!!! Happy Father’s Day to your papa, and recent retiree! :) Woo! You guys are all so precious!

  2. This is precious! I love the picture of your dad napping, his outfit reminds me of something my dad would wear haha :) Nothing like high socks and shorts, the outfit of napping dads everywhere :) Hope he had a great day, have fun seeing him!

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