Happy at home

Hello from home sweet home! I am so happy to be here; I just can’t believe how quickly the days are passing. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! Thankfully, my flights back to the U.S. on Virgin Australia went very smoothly. In fact, I only had one semi-freak-out during the whole trip, which happened to occur in Los Angeles airport. By the time I got my luggage and went through customs, border protection, and re-checked my luggage, I only had one hour left to sprint across three terminals, make it through security, and board my flight. I sure did cut it close, but somehow I made it!

This was after about 15 hours of flying…I may look tired but I was SO excited to be on U.S. Soil!

My greeting from my family at the airport in Boston is honestly a blur to me, mostly because I was quite teary-eyed and so ecstatic to see them. I’m glad my sister Christie snapped these pictures because I think they capture my reaction quite well!
Mom, Mom, Mom!!!!

So besides catching up on sleep this past week, my first few days home have included some of the things I’ve missed most over the last 6.5 months,  including:

-Eating my favorite foods
Panera Bread bagels and Mom’s fruit salad (Please don’t mind my side of extra butter  with my bagel LOL)

Mom’s homemade baked stuffed shrimp= obsessed

-Indulging in my favorite treats
Chocolate-glazed Munchkins after Sunday Church

Shaws Ridge Farm Red Raspberry Chip Icecream

Raspberry/coffee soft serve, with rainbow sprinkles of course!

Shopping at my favorite store
Truthfully this is the only store I’ve shopped at so far this week, but I nearly died of excitement. 

-Seeing my favorite people (and animals)
Lunch reunion with both of my Moms: –)

Reunited with my nephews!

Finally reunited with my twin. 6 months was far too long without her.

Finally getting to see (and try-on, obviously!) my sister’s engagement ring. It is STUNNING.

A special visit with My Mem

My Dad and Peanut

My Mom and precious Preston

Besides those favorites, I’ve also gotten in some great work-outs with my Mom, have enjoyed copious amounts of iced coffee, eaten too many desserts to count, and have been re-adapting to driving on the “right-side of the road.” Winking smileA perfect week in my book!

I am so looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing other friends and family members, especially my girls. Since I’m in Maine with my parents and many of them are in Boston, I have a lot more reuniting to-do and I can’t wait. Home sure is a happy place! My only wish is that Brandon could be home too, enjoying all of these things with me. (Missing you, B!)

What’s your favorite thing about going home?
I think mine would have to be family dinners; I cherish that time with my parents and sisters!

14 thoughts on “Happy at home

  1. Omg. Everything in here puts a smile on my face! Your reaction at the airport is priceless, I can’t imagine how thrilled and overcome with joy you were/are. I’m so happy that you’re home! You are too adorable in all those pictures and I would have been right there with you ensuring I was eating all my favorite foods ever! :) YAY for being home, I can’t wait to keep up with all your fun activities! You are stunning, by the way… :) Even when you’re ‘tired’ from a flight. <3

  2. Ahh welcome back to the states!!! that reunion photo of you and your mom in the airport seriously kinda made my eyes well up. i love airport reunions!! Everybody looks so happy, it must be wonderful to see everyone again! enjoy it!! You and your sister are gorgeous btw (as is her ring! :) )

  3. Awww, your home reunion pics and this post, in general, completely warmed my heart! :) I love time spent with family so I know you’re having a BLAST! Love the twin pic also – you and your sis are gorgeous! Have fun!

  4. I’m glad your flight had no issues and that you’re back in the states! I went to Copley Square the other day to look at the stuff people are leaving behind for the bombing memorial and saw a huge John Hancock sign with people’s signatures on it. It made me think of you haha anyway have fun back home

  5. Aw mere!! So happy you’re home!! Those are all my favorite parts of going home, too! There’s nothing like going home to moms cooking and ice cream and everything like that. Can’t wait to see you!! Xoxo

  6. Yay! Loved reading this post, Merry! Enjoy your time with your family & friends- I totally understand how important these moments are. I also understand how wonderful it is to shop at TJ Maxx again, hahah. Stuff that suitcase full!
    PS- I could only wish to look that good after a cross-Pacific flight.

  7. You’re home! You’re home! (And I’m about 5 years late to the welcome home party! Sorry!). I hope your time catching up with family, friends and shopping has been amazing! My favorite thing about being home is a hug from my mom. 30 years old and she can still make me forget all my troubles with one hug. Absolutely love the candid shot in the airport :)

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