sometimes the hardest thing is the right thing

Hey friends! I truly did not intend to take a leave-of-absence from blogging while I was home, but somehow that’s what happened. However,  I can say I truly enjoyed every single second I spent with my family and friends, and sometimes stepping away from technology is necessary to make sure that happens. I must admit I am VERY behind on blog-reading, so to some my favorite bloggers out-there (Meghan, Charlotte, Leslee, Monique, Rachel, Elizabeth, Brooke, Kristy, Kelly, Cori, Kristina, Lillian, Bek, just to name a few) I am still a devoted reader, promise! Smile

Anyway, in five short weeks home, I think it’s safe to say I fit a lot in. It all started with a visit from my twin, which was full of:
– fun dinners:
-puppy cuddles:
-…and ice-cream dates:

This visit was followed by a week-long trip to Cape Cod where we:
-went bowling (where the best part of the bowling alley was the bar!):

-relaxed, exercised,  and ate loads of frozen yogurt:
-had a fantastic dinner with some of my closest girlfriends and family (hi Laura, Peter, and Lauren!):

…and dined out:
(To.die.for. Lobster salad at the Poppenessett Inn)

Our Cape trip was followed by a wedding dress shopping weekend with my sister, Mom, and best friend Sarah. Can I just say that I’m OBSESSED with dress shopping? Love love love. We also squeezed in  a girls night at Mohegan Sun, and a visit to Kimmie’s wedding venue in Newport, Rhode Island:
(We are standing on the exact location Kim and Jim will be married next year!)

-Mohegan Sun girls night:

-Plus I got to see my dear friend Michelle for lunch, too:IMG_3567

In my last few weeks home, I worked most days (Hi Mr. Shaw!), but fit in some pool time, a Boston visit, and quality family-and-friend-time too:

So after a whirlwind trip, I’m back in Australia! It feels wonderful to be back with Brandon after a month of being apart. I don’t think long distance relationships get any easier, no matter how much experience you have with them. But as good as it is to be back,  I do have a confession: I’m not back for long. After countless hours of research, pro/con lists, deep discussions and many tears, I’ve decided to move home in order to continue pursuing my second degree back in America. As hard as it is to admit, sometimes the hardest decision is the right decision, and this is one of those times.
Would I rather stay in the same place as Brandon? Yes.
Do I love living in a tropical paradise? Yes.
Do I feel that moving to Australia was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Yes.
Would it be easier to stay here and continue doing what I’ve been doing? Yes.

However, the adult me asks:
Education wise, does the university here offer what I need for courses? No.
Does it make more sense to take my pre-requisite classes somewhere more affordable? Yes.
Do I want to be done with school as soon as possible and start my new career? Yes.
Will staying in Australia enable me to do this? No.
Will I have more opportunities to work while attending classes at home? Yes.
And so, with Brandon’s support and our families support, I’ll be moving back to the U.S.A. at the end of August, immediately starting classes in Maine at that time. 
I’m extremely grateful that I can continue my dream of achieving my masters degree of nutrition at home, but it deeply saddens me to leave Brandon, the life we created together here, and the friendships I’ve cultivated this past year. Sometimes the hardest decision is the right decision, and I’m praying that this one is the right one for us.

Thank you always for your on-going support and for reading,


P.S. Brandon’s parents are en-route to Australia tomorrow and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival. Travel safe, Brad and Sue. We love you!


35 thoughts on “sometimes the hardest thing is the right thing

  1. WOW!! What a big leap of faith!! I will be praying for you, that this new step will be what’s best for you both! But like you said- nothing worth having is easy!
    Hugs and prayers sent your way!

  2. I am so proud of you and all you are doing. You have a wonderful support system that will support you no matter what. Selfishly I am beyond excited to see you in four weeks, but know this has been the hardest decision of your life. I’m so glad we got to spend as much time together as we did while you were home. I can’t wait to continue this and all the wedding fun with Kim! I love you forever xoxo!

  3. Sounds like you made the right decision for yourself girlie. Long distance relationships are hard but totally work and bring you closer in the end! Glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

  4. Loved reading your new post. The pictures made me laugh!! We really do have such great memories:) Missing you already, but enjoy your last few weeks in Australia with B and the Frenchs!! XO

  5. Ahh I was so happy to see a post from you pop into my inbox this morning!! I’m so glad your visit was so great- from the photos it looks downright perfect!! :) and wow what a huge decision you had to make to move back, but by the sound of it, its the right decision for the future and i’m sure you and brandon will both be happier together down the line because of it. enjoy the rest of your time down under!!

  6. First of all, you look INCREDIBLE in that lacey red peplum shirt. You are totally rockin’ it! And secondly, congratulations on making a really epic and difficult decision. I’m sure it was probably one of the hardest decisions you ever had to come to, but from the sounds of it, it was the right one! Getting a MS in nutrition is something I’m really interested in, and it’s amazing that you are chasing after your dreams. Welcome back to the blogging world too, we missed ya ;)

  7. Wow what a huge decision, that must have been really difficult to make. Good for you! Long distance relationships are so hard but they are totally do-able and make you that much stronger because of it.
    Nice to see you back and glad you had such a great time at home!

  8. First, NO worries… I know you’re out there; ) Second, HOLY MACARONI! Congratulations on making such a huge decision! I will be thinking about you as you take this leap of faith. You two got this! xo

  9. Aw!! Meredith!! We had a great visit with you and your family too!! Let us know when you are headed to the Cape! We would love to see you!! Soon!!! Love to you!! Xoxoxo!

  10. Welcome back! It was great to read about your adventures and I’m thrilled to see that you soaked up every moment of your 5 weeks leaving the techy stuff behind. That is a great feeling. I am a huge fan of pro/con lists and always go to my family for difficult decisions like these. It sounds like you followed your heart and your dreams will follow and that good things are to come your way. Sometimes it is soo hard to be an adult! Enjoy these last few weeks in Australia!!!

  11. Oh my goodness I admire you taking this chance!! I think things will work out GREAT for you, and you have to do what is best for you and for your family. Long distance IS possible, but it takes a little extra work!! Keep positive thoughts and enjoy your last month in Australia!

  12. I’ve missed you tons too!!! :)
    It looks like you really did live it up while you were here and I’m glad you’ve checked back in! You, your friends, your family, all your people are so freaking adorable and cute! Beautiful people!!!
    Also, I echo all the comments in saying, congratulations on making such a brave decision. It sounds like it’s the most practical thing to do and, of course, you’re going to struggle but it’ll be worth it. When is Brandon coming back to the states? How will that work out long distance wise? I’ll definitely miss all your beautiful Australia pictures, that’s for sure! :) Hooray for the update!!! You go girly girl!

  13. Mere- I am so proud of you for this decision and I know you thought long and hard about it! You gave Australia your all and have absolutely created some amazing memories! I can’t wait to have you back though:) xoxo

  14. I’m so behind too- considering I’ve only been back in Aus a week. I can’t believe you’re going! :( It will be sad- but you’ll be back right? It’s only till you finish your second degree? (Which will be how long?) Sorry for all the questions hehe. Lucky you have this blog so you can stay connected with everyone :)

  15. What a huge relief you must be feeling! I can’t imagine that was an easy decision to make, but have faith in the pro/con list (I’ve agonized over these too… They are usually right though!). You asked the hard questions, which brought you to the right answer. I wish you the best in your last month in Australia! And BTW your time at home looks like a blast and action packed. Look how much you have to look forward to!!

  16. Hi Meredith! Love your blog posts, thanks for always giving me great new recipes to try! As far as your move back home goes, I know it was probably a tough decision to make but I wish you the best of luck and I’m certain that you will be successful. I hope to see you when you are visiting Moe or if I take a trip to Shapleigh (I love those trips, just ask Moe). :)

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