This week, In a nutshell

This week, in a nutshell, I’ve been quite an emotional basket-case. It’s my last few days here, which means it’s crunch-time. Time to cancel contracts (gym, phone, etc.), deal with the last of my university withdrawal paperwork, order books for classes back home, and above all else, say goodbyes. UGH, I dread goodbyes. Oh and I should probably start packing too, but I despise packing. Clearly this means I’ll likely be doing this right up until the morning I leave #likemotherlikedaughter  (kidding, kind-of…haha love you, Mom!)

Anyway, in other news this week:
-I’ve had quite possibly the sorest throat of my life (maybe this is my body’s way of telling me it doesn’t want to leave Australia?) Either way, it’s been fun to soothe it with pretty coffees, tea, and  and lots of gelato and fro-yo:
Sue and I on a cappuccino date : –)

-I’ve had to say goodbye to some of my closest girlfriends here:
Love you girls! Please come visit in the U.S.A.!!!

(Side-note: I wore my new high-low dress, and although I was a bit scared to buy this and not-so-sure about this trend, I’m loving it! #tjmaxx4life)

-I’ve drank my favorite sparkling wine every night with Sue to celebrate/mourn the last of vacation and this beautiful place:

-I’ve taken advantage of outdoor workouts and walks daily, to soak up this view as much as possible:

-I’ve done a lot of cooking because I’m really going to miss this kitchen and the view:

-I may not have started packing…but I did find the perfect suitcase:

hehehe thanks to Brandon’s Dad for posing. Look how big that thing is!

-Any other last-minute packers like me out there?
-Do you have a high-low dress/what do you think of this trend?
-What’s your week been like in a nutshell?


25 thoughts on “This week, In a nutshell

  1. I am a total last minute packer too! Mostly because I get out the stuff I think I want to pack but then change my mind a billion times.

    Aww so sad for your goodbyes but you must be so excited to get home.

    My week in a nutshell has been birthday preparations for my husband, trying to run and being in pain and looking forward to our vacation to the east coast!

  2. i LOVE your dress!! i dont have one because i’ve been a little afraid of the trend, but i always love it when i see it on other people. ah i should get one before summer is over! and omg- that bag is massive :) and i just found myself in a similar situation in that eric is moving to california for work in 2 weeks! we’ll be doing long distance for a while, but then the plan is that i’ll move out there to join him next spring. change is hard- when did we become grown ups??

    • Wow! That is awesome Charlotte! East coast to west coast will be a big change I’m sure, but a fun one :) change sure is hard. I wish we were little kids again!

  3. sorry you’re sick:(:( Goodbyes are the absolute worst; i avoid them at all costs! I love that dress and am a huge fan of that style. My week in a nutshell has been stressful and just “off”… wish you were around to talk to! xoxo

  4. That suitcase is hilarious!!! I need that in order to pack everything I keep buying here to bring back with me.
    OMG, how much will you miss Aussie coffee?! I always tell Adam that whenever the day comes that we have to leave, it’s one of the (many) things I will miss most.

  5. Ah girlie, sorry about your sore throat! But, it is an excellent excuse to get all those goodies in! I’m sorry you’re leaving such a beautiful place but I’m excited for you to get started with what you want to do. I am sure it’ll be a tough transition, too… :) You are just beautiful.. I love that dress on you too! Tjmaxx is the best! Good luck with all your paper work and things.. I hate dealing with that kind of stuff. AND GOOD LUCK PACKING I hate doing that too. Sending all my packing vibes your way lol!

  6. Hahaha is that suitcase for real!!?!? Amazing. I always wait until the last minute to just works better for me that way haha. I do hope you visit Aus as much as you can!! I would be so sad to leave too, but you have a new chapter ahead of you!

  7. I am full of mixed emotions for you! Such a bittersweet time- change is always difficult! Enjoy those last few wonderful days!!! Hope your throat feels better soon!!

  8. My throat is crazy sore too! I found an ice cream sample at the grocery store tonight and sought it out. I’m hoping I can still enjoy my Friday night vino : ) Best of luck with packing and I love that you are soaking it all in!

  9. Just came across your blog! Love, love, love!! I’m just now catching up, but how cool to have gotten to experience living abroad :) Yay for chasing your dreams! Can’t wait to read more! PS, those views are aaaaamazing, and I would be so sad to leave too!

  10. I can’t imagine how tough this decision was for you :( But I think you’re making the right one for you and your goals. Change is definitely hard, but it’s good too. That’s an amazing suitcase – I had no idea such a gargantuan piece of luggage existed. Absurd, girl. Adorable dress. I still don’t have one, but Meghan does and it’s adorable! Feel better :)

  11. I’m late to the farewell party, but I hope your move has been going as smoothly as possible. Can’t imagine relocating halfway around the world (again) is a logistical piece of cake. I’m usually just starting laundry around midnight before an early morning flight. It drives Ryan CRAZY because I’ve got all my crap all over the bed with all the lights on while he’s trying to be responsible and go to sleep early. Whoops :) Looking forward to catching up on your new life state side :) Have a good weekend!!

  12. No, don’t leave us! :)

    I’ve been back in Australia from visiting Canada for a few weeks now, and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a tough readjustment. BUT, it’s always nice to get into a routine and get back to “normal”…whatever that is!

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