When in doubt…

Today marks exactly one week that I’ve been home, and one week sure brings about a world of difference. From home, to school, to work, it’s all fresh and new again.  Trust me, I LOVE being home and can say for certain that American soil never felt so good. However, I won’t lie…moving back was emotionally,  physically, and mentally draining.

Did I do the right thing?

Make the right choice?

Choose the right path?

Only time will tell….so when in doubt, I’m:

tumblr_mdfffdKqNa1qmqycgo1_500 Source







Leaning on family and friends



Indulging (i.e. eating ice-cream / drinking copious amounts of iced coffee)

…and remembering everything happens for a reason


How do you deal with doubts?
I do all the things I love above, try to think positive, and eat WAY more ice-cream than necessary : –)


12 thoughts on “When in doubt…

  1. You are dealing in the best way possible!! Cry when you need to, and smile when you feel happy!! The roller coaster will calm down, just ride it out until it does!! Hang in there girl, I admire your bravery!

  2. Welcome home!! I’m sure it’s bittersweet but you made up your mind for a reason, right? Appreciate the experience and having had the opportunity to change your path. I wish I would have taken more chances so I’m always impressed by those who do. Everything happens the way it’s supposed to. I believe that 1000% (although I still agonize and obsess over my decisions too, but this is supposed to be a pep talk :)). If all else fails, find your nearest Cold Stone and don’t leave until you feel better! Xo

  3. When Im in doubt with myself, I try to make a plan, even if it’s only a temporary one, and write lists so I feel like I’m heading in a specific direction. Then I watch movies that I love, talk with friends, and workout like a crazy lady. Welcome home, darling! I think the hardest part is probably behind you, that of actually making the decision and then following through. You just have to get comfortable with the new normal. Thinking about you <3

  4. Aw, welcome back home girly. I know it’s going to be such a tough transition for you and I’m sure you’ll have your ups and downs but I know you said confidently that this will be the right choice for you and I have full faith in your ability to keep that a true statement. I think you’re doing all the right things to adjust, including exercise! :) And indulging, of course! Everyone has decisions they have to make in life and regardless of if they’re ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, you make it work and the best way to make it work is with a positive attitude. Besides, you’ll never know if you don’t try, right? :)

  5. welcome back!! you made this decision with the best of intentions, so everything will work out in the end :) i truly believe that. and yes, ice cream helps everything!! let the emotions flow, everything will be ok!! you and your man will be ok- actually better than ok- because you’re both doing whats best for the two of you in the end:)

  6. Welcome home, love! I merely moved apartments and I was an emotional wreck, so I can’t even imagine what you’re going through with the huge life change and move you just made. I’m always here for you if you need it! you’re incredibly strong for what you’ve done and everything does happen for a reason:) and, when all else fails, eat more ice cream ;) see you this weekend, hopefully! xoox

  7. When I feel in doubt, I try (as hard as I can) to reassure myself and have faith. If that doesn’t work, I resort to making lists and talking it out with loved ones. And worst case scenario? Overdoses of coffee and buying books!

  8. ice cream is a MUST!
    I try to look at the bright side and remind myself to live in the moment and that time will put the rest of the pieces in place. Oh…and yoga helps me too! Welcome home girl!

  9. Oh Merry, sending you so so so so many hugs. I’m praying for you – and just know that you made the right decision for you right now. Instead of thinking about what you could have done – think about all of the opportunities you have now! Xx

  10. Welcome Home!! And huge props to you girl!! You are brave and amazing- keep your chin up! And here’s a HUGE hug! I love your list, because I also made two really kinda biggish decisions and am facing doubts………..so I’m gonna take your list to heart. :)

  11. Stumbling upon this post was great timing for me! I’m also making big changes and doubt is a constant battle of mine. Thank you for your positivity! I agree on all of the above, especially the remembering, crying, praying and eating! Is 9 am too early for ice cream? ;) Good luck with everything!

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