Now and then

In the last few weeks amongst unpacking, working, schooling, exercising, and trying to settle back into as much of a ‘normal routine’ as possible, I’ve had a lot of reminders of how different my life is now compared to then; then being the past— whether it’s a month ago, a year ago, ten years ago, just the past.  These reminders have stemmed from old pictures I’ve found, familiar faces I’ve seen in public, and comforting voices I’ve recognized on the phone. All of these reminders got me to thinking…sheesh my life has changed.

From being a fully employed city-girl one year, to an international exchange student the next, and now currently a full-time student/ rural-America girl in the present, I’ve sure had my fair share of change. But I guess change is what makes life exciting, right? I tend to think so.  I haven’t had a single second to be bored this past year, and while I truly don’t regret a second of it, I have to admit, after all of the excitement of moving to Australia and the mixed emotions of both sadness/joy over moving home, it does feel peaceful to be in one-place, unpacked, and at home for awhile. So when I got to thinking about just how different my life is now from then, I had to get it out on paper (or in this case, on the blog).

Year: 2nd half of 2013
Age: 27
Occupation: Student  + ice-cream shop/mini-golf/ bbq manager (Loving it btw!)
State & Country: Maine, USA


Year:1st half 2013
Age: 26
Occupation: student/barista/gelato scooper
State & country: QLD, Australia

Now: Favorite Exercise
Running (check out the sheep behind me! #maineliving)

Can you guess which one is me?  Winking smile

Now: Favorite Pizza
Veggie with cauliflower crust,  who would have thought?!

Deep-dish cheese from UNO’s please 

Now: Favorite Accessory:
Chunky necklaces

Visor sunglasses (#soembarrassing)

Now: Favorite ice-cream
Red Raspberry Chip with sprinkles (or anything with sprinkles!)

Mint Chocolate Chip

Now: Favorite Breakfast
Oats, oats, oats!  (And Greek yogurt with fruit)

Cereal combo

Now: Best Friend
My twin sister

My twin sister

Guess some things never change <3

You tell me, what’s a fun fact about you, now versus “then”?

22 thoughts on “Now and then

  1. So glad you’re settling in back at home, Merry!

    Well me then vs now, as a kid I didn’t like sport whatsoever (as I was embarrassed to do anything with my shoulder disability) but for the last 8 or so years, I’ve been an energiser bunny! I also didn’t used to like cake – but apparently I never tried good cake haha!

  2. I’m dying over the photos! It’s always so fun to take a trip down memory lane! So glad you are getting settled in! Love you xoxo

  3. ok first of all you need to teach me how to take such gorgeous ID photos!! every ID photo i’ve ever taken looks like someone did a caricature of me as Shrek-Charlotte or something like that. im so jealous, you have a gift :) and omg it IS funny to look back. i used to be a half-baked froyo girl through and through, and now im mint chocolate chip with chocolate sprinkles! glad you’re settling in!!

  4. I sure hope everything is going well for you. I’ve been following your previous posts since before the move and all but never got a chance to leave a comment to wish you the best. Anyways, I’m sending well wishes your way!

  5. Cute post! Glad you are settling in back in Maine xo

    Then: I used to be SO shy. I wouldn’t speak to anyone I didn’t know!
    Now: Very, very opposite :)

    Also, there was one point in life that my favourite food was hot dogs. hahahaha

  6. This is too stinking cute! I’m glad you’re back in school with a cute ID and all! :) YAY! Being a student is something I don’t miss too much, though I do miss the mental stimulation of learning new things – especially things I care about. I heard a phrase back in high school and it stuck with me: Nothing is permanent except for change. It’s so darn true and I love that you embrace the changes in your life! :)
    I used to HATE mushrooms and now I love them on anything, especially pizza (as long as they’re cooked, I can’t do raw on salads or anything wacky like that!).

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