Thursday thoughts

Thursday…finally. Can I get an Amen? Since I’ve been working all weekend, every weekend since I’ve been back and I have night class Monday through Thursday night, Friday night is my only true weekend night-off. However, tonight my normal  Biology lecture and lab got cancelled, and I couldn’t be happier. To be honest it kind of feels like Christmas!  Class cancelled=no one hour commute=night off=YAY!

Anyway, here’s some random thoughts on this Thursday:
-I am super psyched for my twin sister’s wedding. This past week, my sisters, cousin, and best friend (about half of the bridal party in total) all got together and purchased our bridesmaid’s dresses. We made a great afternoon of dress fittings even more fun by stopping next door for a couple of margarita’s afterwards. Shopping + margaritas = my kind of afternoon!

-I don’t remember ever disliking a class as much as I dislike Chemistry at this time. Atomic numbers, compounds, mols, elements…UGH. The one thing I do enjoy is the teacher (she is awesome!), so I’m trying to focus on that positive.

-I am becoming even more of an ice cream fanatic since I’m working around it all the time. Would you be able to resist homemade Peppermint Stick or White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle? If you can you are a stronger person than I!

-I can not praise Bic Bands enough. I have been wearing mine to work, to work-out, and to go-out. I just love my sparkle band!

I’m still unpacking and settling back into my room at home. Since I haven’t lived here since high school, I’ve been finding a lot of things my childhood….like this jacket. My proof that I was once a cheerleader Winking smile

-I have been a big-time fan of Alexia sweet potato fries for awhile now but hadn’t yet tried the sweet potato “puffs”. Um… lets just say I’m never making my own sweet potato fries again.

-One final thing… I need a puppy in my life. Anyone out there have a King Charles Cavalier Cocker Spaniel? OMG obsessed.

How’s your week?
Have you tried any new food products that you like lately?
Do you have a puppy? If so, what kind?!


9 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts

  1. shopping and margaritas is the best afternoon ever!! :) and good luck with this chemistry class- i was never good at chem in high school, i shudder to think how i would do now. and i want a puppy soo badly!! my apartment building doesnt allow dogs, but as soon as i move i’m getting one! im thinking a pug, or a boston terrier, or something else with a smushy face :)

  2. YAY wedding things! So much fun to try on dresses and hang out with the girls. Can’t wait to see the dress! And I used to be a cheerleader too for a brief period in my life haha Ready?! okay!

    I don’t have a puppy but I NEED one. I’m thinking some sort of terrier that won’t shed would work nicely ;)

  3. I LOVE those sweet potato puffs!!! They are so freaking good! You look gorgeous in all of your pictures (like always) and yay for your sister’s wedding!

  4. we are truly sisters separated at birth– and you got all the cute genes!! :)
    1. Yay for your sister!
    2. I never used to be even remotely interested in icecream, but this summer I somehow grew an addiction to it.
    3. sweet potatoes- delicious in any form!
    4. My entire childhood I wanted a cocker spaniel in the worst way! My Mom always swore that we would never get one because my eldest sister was bitten by a cocker spaniel when she was little.

  5. I’m so glad you’re settled back in and happy at home!

    My week has been crazy hectic – so much so I didn’t even realise it was Friday haha!

    I most certainly do have a puppy – my beautiful Chanel is a shitzu cross chihuahua.

  6. Meredith, My sisters neighbors have a couple of cute King Cavalier’s, if you like, i have the contact info for where they got their pups.


  7. SR Pep stick is one of my favorites!!! and, i think i came up with white chocolate rasp truffle back inthe day:) oh, how i miss those days at the ridge!! I need to get BIC bands. i can’t believe I haven’t!! and, ugh. i want a margarita. and to see kimmie. and you! xoxo

  8. Aw, a wedding?!?! YAY! LOVE IT! Chemistry is SO hard so I commend ANYONE who is able to get through that class and PASS it. :) You go girly! I love those pup pics! My co woker has a king cavalier and she is SO precious. :)

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