When the little things become the big things

Hello hello! How has it been a over week since I last posted? Seriously, where does the time go? One will never know, and I for one can not believe that this past weekend marked one month that I’ve been back from Australia. I wouldn’t exactly say I feel “settled-in” due to the fact that I’ve barely been home between working and classes, but I will say that since I’ve been back, I’ve realized that it’s little things that are making the biggest differences in my day-to-day life and helping me adjust into life at home again.  You know, little things like a compliment from a stranger, a pat-on-the-back from your boss, or a good grade on an exam. I used to think I needed monetary things to lift my spirits, like buying a new suit or the latest handbag, but now it’s just the opposite. Thank you, home, for bringing me back to reality and to my roots.
Some of the little things helping me lately have been:

-Random acts of kindness:
Can I just say that my Mom rules?  I don’t know how she does it, but somehow, someway, she spreads kindness everyday and truly makes me feel special. 
Things like: Saving me homemade macaroni cheese in the fridge(Meredith label, might-I-add):
And leaving me the best coupon ever in my purse. $.99 cent iced coffee? Seriously this made my week.

-Out-of-the-blue motivation
I happened to see this license plate on my way to class the other day (‘enjoy life’ shortened). I wasn’t in the best mind-frame to begin with since I was on my way to take a Chemistry exam followed by two hours of lab (I was actually VERY grumpy), so seeing this instantly helped me snap-out of it.

-A girls night out
I haven’t been able to leave the state of Maine since I’ve been back, and I can’t describe how much I miss my girlfriends. So this past Friday, I bit the bullet, went to work super-early to get my Friday jobs accomplished by 1:00 pm, and hopped on a 3:00 bus to Boston to spend the evening with my Boston besties. There is nothing a little bit of girl time can’t cure, that’s for sure. Love you girls!

-A refreshing workout
Sometimes, a good run is just what the doctor ordered. I ran with a windbreaker on for the first time in over a year last week and I smiled the ENTIRE 4 miles. That crisp, cool, fall air was just what I needed.

-A visit with a loved one
My Mem is one of the most important parts of my life.I’m so grateful I’m back so that I can spend time with her, hold her hand, visit, and hug her again. It was the best hour of my week.

-Personalized notes
Since I was a little girl I have always loved receiving mail and writing mail. I think it’s the honesty and personal touch of handwritten notes that’s so special, and whenever I receive them I literally get teary. (I know Brittany likes handwritten notes! I am totally checking out that website, by the way!)   This week, I received two special cards in the mail and I was so touched. Thank you Michelle and Sue xoxo.

-Flowers just because
I am truly blessed to work for people that are like a second family to me. Last night, they handed me this beautiful bouquet from their garden and I was so touched!


Even though I may not have won the megabucks, gone on a shopping spree or bought the newest Apple product, all of these little things have meant so much more to me than those things would, and they are truly the big things helping me smile today.

What is helping you smile today?

Anyone else love coupons as much as me?

Who else is loving fall running weather?

15 thoughts on “When the little things become the big things

  1. I LOVE COUPONS! Ohh man, they are like small Christmas gifts for me haha. WHOO yes to handwritten notes and special cards!! I’m glad you were able to find smiles throughout your day!

  2. oohhh, homemade macaroni cheese is the BEST!!

    I LOVE coupons!!! My husband always makes fun of me, but I don’t care. :-) My mom and I actually call each other every Sun. and tell each other what coupons we want the other person to save and send to the other.

  3. Aw, these are all so sweet and I can see why they all cheered you up in one way or another! :) That license plate is awesome and your mama sounds super sweet. Plus, mac n cheese is like the best food ever! :) Yay for your run – what an adorable outfit and headband!! And GIRLS NIGHT! I have one coming up this weekend and I cannot wait for some lady loving. Those are beautiful flowers! :) Looks like time is definitely flying! Keep it up with your school work! You’re rocking it!

  4. I have to say, my life got substantially better once I realized that things like new clothes, a new car, etc etc really meant nothing in life. All those things come and go. Life is truly meant to be enjoyed and it’s best enjoyed with loved ones!

  5. aww way to enjoy the best things life has to offer!! it really IS the little the things that make life great. your mom is so sweet btw!! and those flowers are gorgeous :) hope your tuesday is going well!

  6. It’s so nice to be reminded to stop and appreciate the little things- thank you for that reminder today:) it makes you realize you have SO MUCH to be thankful for and happy about. I love when my mom does special things like that for me! Hope I’m around for your next Boston visit! xoxo

  7. I’m so happy to see you happy back home, lovely! What’s making me smile this week is Jesse’s awesome attitude about working out and healthy living in general – he’s gone from the guy who never worked out and only ate fast food to someone who randomly asks me to go for a jog and loves healthy food

  8. Your mom is so sweet!! Dang, she even made me smile today with that meal and coupon :) It looks like it’s been a good week despite felling unsettled. I’m glad you’re seeing the bright side to it! I made a new friend today and I’m super excited!

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