Playing catch up & an early halloween

Hello hello and Happy Halloween! Anyone dressing up tonight? I’ll be headed to night-class, but I’d much rather be celebrating and handing out candy, that’s for sure.  Anyway, I fully intended on blogging last week but every time I tried, studying got in the way. Unfortunately , for the time being, studying > blogging. Luckily though, my studying paid off and my midterms went great! HOORAY. So now I’m playing catch-up on sleep, blog-reading, homework and life in general.

Okay, time to talk about much more exciting things than studying…like celebrating Halloween. Prior to last year, I had celebrated the previous four Halloween’s out in Boston with girlfriends, and it was always a blast.
Harvard schoolgirls throw-back

Halloween-October 2009 020
Me as Barbie a few years ago!

I skipped last year (I was actually on a flight moving to Australia!) so this year I was psyched to have the chance to dress up again, and even more psyched to be dressing up with my twin sister. We hadn’t dressed up together since we were in grade school!

Although we celebrated a few days early since they obviously needed to throw a party on a weekend rather than a week-night, it was an epic Halloween in my book. I actually really liked my last minute cowgirl costume, but I loved Kimmie and Jimmy’s pirate get-ups even more! 


I had been anticipating last weekend for the entire two months I’ve been home, as it was the first time I was going to be able to spend multiple days with my Kimmie, and the puppies too.
Just LOOK at these adorable little boys. Bumble-bee and alligator…I die.

At their Friday night housewarming/Halloween party we  drank a little too much,  ate a few too many pieces of candy, and played way to many games of Flip Cup. It was perfect.
Here’s the outcome to our few to many drinks:
Whoops. Dunkin’s breakfast sandwiches, homefries, muffins, and coffees were needed in a BIG way. (That would be me with the ketchup issues.)

The rest of the weekend involved exercise, real housewives marathons, pizza, pedicures, and lots of puppy snuggling. I did not want to leave Connecticut!
Post-run snuggles
Cupcakes from Sugar Bakery (winner of Cupcake wars!)
The best cupcake I have EVER eaten.
Cuddles with my boy.
One of our favorite things to do together!
Peanut was a tiger for costume #2!
Love my nephews

This week it’s been back to reality, but it’s almost Friday so that’s a positive! And since the Red Sox won the World Series last night, there’s a lot to celebrate this weekend for sure!

What’s your favorite Halloween costume-to-date?
I personally loved being an eskimo. I loved wearing a furry-hood on my head all night, and face paint can be so much fun!

Do you like cupcakes?
I have cupcake problems…seriously I cannot be trusted around them.

Who else is psyched about the Red Sox?

10 thoughts on “Playing catch up & an early halloween

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that if we were friends IRL we would be GOOD FRIENDS. Everything about this post is me! :) From celebrating Halloween to the Dunkin Donuts foodies (and yes to that ketchup mess!). Those cupcakes looks SO SO stinking good and now I want a cupcake and it’s like 9:30 am. BS.
    Those puppies are so precious and the look so fluffy! Ah!
    Congrats on your successful midterms and have a great weekend pretty face!

  2. Your Cowgirl costume doesn’t look last minute at all! You look adorable. I stuffed myself silly full of Halloween candy to the point where I made myself sick, and those cupcakes still look delicious. I was so happy Boston won the World Series! We adopted them as our unofficial team when we visited last year. We root for them as long as they’re not playing one of our teams, of course ;)

  3. THOSE DOGS! SOOO CUTE hahahaha. I love your outfit!! You are rocking it. That cupcake…that looks like candy threw up on it…is making me salivate. That looks the best way.

  4. aww i love all the halloween costumes!! (people and pets alike!) and all the food in those photos looks sooo good! those cupcakes look amazing :) lets see my favorite halloween costume to date… thats a tough one-i love your eskimo idea – mine would probably be an electric eel- i just wore all black and carried around a flashlight. it was handy in the dark :) and yay sox!!

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