Truth is…

Truth is… 
Time management has been a challenge for me lately. I love blogging, but I’ve had a hard time balancing school , work, and life over the last few months. One New Years resolution of mine will be to blog a couple of times a week, mostly because it truly makes me happy to write, reminisce, and share thoughts and recipes.

Truth is…
Thanksgiving this year was one of the best that I can remember. Great food, great family and lots of laughs, I just loved it.

Truth is…
I am mentally (and physically) exhausted from studying for finals. I have had 3 finals over the course of the last two days, and in the last two weeks, I do believe I’ve studied more  for chemistry than I have for any other subject EVER. Lets hope it pays off.


Truth is…
I recently found out my anatomy & physiology credits from Australia aren’t being accepted for course credit at the college I’m attending, and therefore I must repeat A & P in America. Truthfully I cried for about six hours thinking about the effort and money I spent to take that class…but truthfully I know everything happens for a reason and it will all work out in the end.

Truth is…
I love my grandparents more than anything and selfishly I want them around forever. Watching them struggle with old age has been nothing short of challenging, so I’m always so happy when we’re together and we can dote on them.

Truth is…
Friendship is a blessing. I spent last Saturday in Boston with some of my dearest friends and I truly loved each and every second.

Truth is…
I really miss outdoor running. While in Australia, most of my workouts were outdoors and I sort -of became accustomed to it. I certainly enjoyed fall running to its fullest in New England, but Maine winters +snow+black ice+frigid temps=no more running for me. However last week and this week, I managed to sneak in one run each week on the “warmer” days, and walk/runs with my Mom. It was blissful!

Truth is…
I’ve been making a protein shake each morning for breakfast to go along with my fruit and yogurt, and I am absolutely amazed at how long it keeps me satisfied. Arbonne protein powder for the win!

Truth is…
The holidays are my favorite time of year. When else can you bake and shop every single day and not need an excuse to do it?

Truth is…
My Mom and I may have a T.J. Maxx problem…just sayin’.

Truth is…
I made these iced oatmeal cookies last week and they were EPIC. Mother Thyme is a genius. I’ll most definitely be making these  over and over again.

Truth is…
Brandon arrives home for Christmas in 12 days. To say I’m a little excited would be an absolute UNDERSTATEMENT!

Got any truths to share?
What’s your favorite thing about Christmas time?
Anyone else have a TJ Maxx “problem”? : –)


5 thoughts on “Truth is…

  1. Yay! You’re back :) You’ve been busy! Totally understand when life gets in the way. Blogging can seem overwhelming. Chemistry is the absolute WORST, but I’m sure all your hard work paid off. I love all the family time… your grandparents are adorable (esp your grandpa in that suit! Omg!). Having the time off to spend with family is my favorite thing about the holidays. It’s a special time for me and worth more than any material gift. There’s no such thing as too much TJ Maxx… I mean, it’s discounted, isn’t it? They’re practically giving it away! AND you got to spend time with your mom. That’s priceless in my book.

  2. I have a terrible TJMaxx problem!! That store could put me into bankruptcy!! lol
    love the snapshots of your life recently! hugs to you over the A & P class— I can’t imagine how heartbreaking and frustrating that must be!! :( but your perspective means everything– it will all work out in the end!
    xoxo girl!

  3. Girl, I feel ya completely. I’ve been coming in and out of blog life a lot lately. It just gets to be too much sometimes. I feel anxious instead of happy and relaxed when blogging sometimes. I’m working on it though. Glad to hear you are too! Those cookies look amazing! And I wish I had enough money to have a shopping problem at any store, haha.

  4. Great post, Meredith! So happy that Brandon will be with you so soon! I hope your finals are done now (?) and that you will have a chance to enjoy the break. That’s brutal about the A&P credits! I’ve also struggled with bringing some of my Canadian certifications over here for fitness. These countries really make it hard on us, and it’s particularly annoying with all the work you have already done. If anything, at least it will kind of be a “refresher” course, and perhaps it’ll make your whole work load a bit easier because you already are so familiar with everything ;)

  5. I loved this post! Time management is tough and good for you for pulling it all together. Truth is…I am happy to have found a job that makes me happy. Truth is…I was so whiped out last night I crashed!

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