small victories, big victories

Hi there, happy Monday and happy March! I know I’m a few days late, but I am still ecstatic that the calendar is no longer on February.  I kid-you-not I did a happy dance on March 1st. To me, March symbolizes the start of sunshine, spring air, tulips, brighter evenings, and most importantly, one month closer to Brandon coming home. Hooray!


Anyway, February was a crazy month for me and I know March will be even crazier. My sister’s wedding is less than 3 months away, my classes are full-swing, and I start working weekends again verrrry soon.  For that reason, I’m making a diligent effort to take things day-by-day rather than looking ahead,  and I’m making sure to recognize each task accomplished off of my to-do list as an individual victory, even if it’s just a small one. I am a strong believer in recognizing accomplishments because my parents have always been big on this.  Growing up, whether we lost a tooth, learned the capitals of the USA, or scored in our basketball game;  every achievement was recognized, big or small. I remember those moments specifically because they made a point to celebrate them! It really helped me to slow down and live in the moment. Currently, if I think about the months ahead as a whole,  I start stressing out in a bad way. In order to start March off on the right foot, small victories are going to be big victories in my book. 

Recent victories:
-Aced my Chemistry 2 test = victory

-Bought my bridal shower dress = victory

…. just giving you a sneak-peek! : –)

-Attended Kimmie and Jimmy’s planning meeting/cake tasting and made some big decisions = victory
IMG_7107 IMG_7118
(I helped taste, obviously!)

-Picked the bridal shower menu with Mom = victory

-Concocted a delicious low-sugar no-bake dessert =  victory

This recipe was too good not to share. I adapted the recipe to make it gluten-free (using gluten-free oats), dairy-free (using almond milk), and very low-in sugar, too. Plus, these are incredibly easy to make. Enjoy these for a healthy, Monday treat!

No Bake Low-Sugar Chocolate Nut Butter and Oat Cookies
Adapted from Sugar-Free Mom

½ cup peanut butter (almond butter or any sun-butter would work too)
4 tablespoons butter ( I used Earth Balance)
½ cup dairy-free chocolate chips (sugar-free or regular would work, too)
2 cups rolled oats (I used gluten-free)
½ cup milk (I used almond.  Any milk would work)
powdered stevia packets ( I used 2)
0ptional topping: ⅓ cup sugar free chocolate chips, melted


1. Add the nut butter, butter and chocolate chips to a small sauce pan and heat on low, stirring until melted.

2. In a large mixing bowl add the oats and milk. Then pour the chocolate nut-butter mixture into the oats.

3. Taste the mixture, and if you think it’s sweet enough, skip the stevia. I wanted it sweeter, so I added it in.  Mix well.

4. Using a small cookie scoop, form the dough into balls and place them onto a parchment lined baking sheet.

5. You can leave them in a ball formation and refrigerate them to harden, or flatten them into small discs. I flattened mine with a fork and I loved that they looked like a cookie but had a more substantial thickness to them! You could also drizzle melted chocolate over them if you choose to. (I skipped this step because I ran out of chips.)

6. Refrigerate until hardened.


A few of these are going into my lunch bag as I type! Have a great Monday, all!

Were your parents big on celebrating accomplishments?
Did you have any big/small victories this week?
What’s your favorite no-bake cookie combination?
Mine is chocolate and peanut-butter, no question!

17 thoughts on “small victories, big victories

  1. You should celebrate ALL the victories, especially with all the stuff you have on your plate lately! :) I’m happy that it’s March too!
    Is Brandon coming home permanently? Like for realz? I must commend you both for making it work in spite of the distance – very incredible. :)
    YAY for cake tasting, dress getting, and menu picking! Super exciting!
    My small victory this week was getting in my first long run for marathon training! :)

  2. So many little victories! Okay here’s how I know spring is coming…pictures of salads are actually looking incredible to me again! For awhile there all I wanted was mac n cheese and pizza haha. That shrimp salad looks amazing!

  3. Congrats on all your accomplishments!! A) I barely passed chemistry, so I’m super impressed. B) LOVE your dress and hoping for more than a sneak peak. I have some bridesmaidly duties coming up that I need to shop for. and C) You are such a good sister, sacrificing your day and getting dragged around to sample wedding food and cake. I know how awful that is ;) Hope March brings you a beautiful spring! xoxo

  4. I am not always good at appreciating the small victories; I tend to get caught up in the big picture and all the things I WANT to do, rather than what I have done. And, you’re right- it’s super overwhelming!! I always appreciate when someone reminds me to acknowledge the small victories- so thank you!! Mine this week (so far) was teaching my first 6am class and getting rave reviews. I was so nervous leading up to it!

    Congrats on all your victories- definitely trying those no bake treats :)

  5. I love that your parents celebrated every little victory!

    My parents have always celebrated our accomplishments, however, we always had to be careful. I was the smart one who was also very creative and when it came to school, anything less than 90% I declared a failure for myself – my sister on the other hand is creative, but never did well at school, so my parents had to be careful not to celebrate too many of my achievements in order to avoid making her jealous. Sounds awful, but my sister is a very jealous person and I totally understood that, it was just easier to quietly celebrate my accomplishments!

    My victory this week is pretty lame. I’ve been bed/couch ridden since my iron infusion as I’m having really bad reactions and this morning, I managed a walk around the block with Jesse. It made me dizzy and woozy and nauseous, but I did it. I just can’t wait to feel better – I’m used to walking 3-5 miles with ease so this is totally foreign to me!

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