sometimes we need a reminder

Hi friends, how are you? I am still adjusting after a very busy exam week and action-packed weekend, but I wanted to say hello and share some photos. I had a special, emotional weekend honoring my twin sister Kimberly at her bridal shower.
photo 5

When a special event like this is over, I often like to sit back and reflect on the day as a whole. As I did this, it really got me thinking that sometimes we all need a reminder…
A reminder that life is short.
A reminder that our health is our wealth.
A reminder that today is a gift.
A reminder to say ‘I love you’ when we feel it.
A reminder that family is life’s greatest blessing.
A reminder to love with all that we have.

This past weekend served as my reminder for many of these things.The bridal shower itself was absolutely magical. The setting, the ambiance, the flowers, décor, the food, the people, it was perfect.
IMG_7656IMG_7699IMG_7722photo 4

In the weeks leading up to the shower, I had been so busy planning, crafting, and bogging myself down with details that I wasn’t entirely focused on the meaning of the event itself; I hadn’t been focusing on the fact that we would only be throwing a shower like this for her once, that it would be over so quickly, and that in two short months she becomes a wife. Then, last week, my grandfather’s health significantly deteriorated, and it really put everything into perspective. It didn’t matter if the cake and decorations were perfect,  or if it rained on the day of the shower, that wasn’t important. We just want our Boppa to be at her wedding with our Nana, together. 

As I sat next to Kimberly and looked around, I was reminded about how blessed we were to be there. Blessed that 30 amazing women came to celebrate my sister, including our Nana, siblings, aunts, cousins, friends, future family, and more.

Blessed that she is joining such a beautiful family, inside and out.

Blessed that she chose me to be by her side on her special day.

I was also reminded about how much we missed the people who couldn’t be there that day; 
We missed our Grammie.

We missed our Mem.

We missed our Grandfathers.
Kimmie and Grandpa
Kimmie and Boppa

We missed our long-distance friends and family. But I was also reminded of how excited they would have been for her, and that their presence is still among us.  

I needed these reminders that day, because they helped me to be at peace and refocus on the joy, excitement, and love surrounding my sister at this special time in her life. Life is so short, goes by too fast, and it often proves to be difficult to simply slow down.  Sometimes I think we all need a reminder to do this, to soak in the moments and appreciate each day and what it brings.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Kimmie’s bridal shower so special, I love you all!

Please pray for our dear Boppa. We went to see him after the shower  and he was all smiles. He has been released from the hospital and is now resting at home. Thank you for your prayers xoxo


18 thoughts on “sometimes we need a reminder

  1. What a beautiful family you are a part of, Meredith! Your sister and you looked gorgeous in your lace dresses. All the details of the shower look very thoughtful (and time-consuming!) but I’m sure your sister greatly appreciates all the love and care. Lots of prayers for your Boppa. It’s wonderful that he is home and resting now, no one enjoys being in the hospital. <3

  2. What an absolutely beautiful day it was and I am so honored to have been a part of it! Kimberly is beyond lucky to have you as a sister and Maid of Honor! You made this day absolutely perfect for her. I am keeping you all in my prayers as you truly are my chosen sisters. I love you al so so much! xoxo

  3. You guys are absolutely gorgeous! I love both your dresses–serious clothes envy. I’m sorry the day was full of mixed emotions but luckily it looks like you have a beautiful family to support each other. I’m so happy the day went off without a hitch–I really want one of those delicious-looking cupcakes!

  4. I hope your Boppa gets better soon!! He needs to be able to dance the night away with his beautiful wife and granddaughters!! Sending all my love and positive vibes your way, Boppa :) You girls are drop dead gorgeous. I love both of your dresses. You did such a great job with her shower. I’m taking notes. Hope everything else is going well. xo

  5. What a perfect day. I am so glad I was included. It has been wonderful watching you and Kimberly grow from little babies to beautiful young women. I love you both so much and I am honored to be your god-mother. Thoughts and prayers go out to Boppa.

  6. Goodness gracious – you guys are all such sweet and loving and beautiful people. You are so very cool to reflect on the day and the event in such a way that reminds you (and everyone reading) how truly special each day and each person in life is. Very insightful look into things. :) It looks like you guys put on an amazing shower for Kimmie and if this is any indication of her wedding, that’s going to be out of this world stunning and amazing. <3

  7. Keeping your family in my thoughts, love! And what a beautiful shower (not surprising at all, though). It’s so easy to get caught up in all those stupid details that really don’t mean anything to what the event is actually representing… I went through that! xoox

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