28, feeling great: Confessions

Happy Friday, friends! It is safe to say April is the month of birthdays around here. First was Brandon’s (he is only 6 days older than me) and on Wednesday my sister and I turned 28. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..where does the time go? I really do not know. What I do know is that I wish my twin sister her very best year yet. 28 is proving to be a huge year for her already! To start, she’s getting married and she just started a new job. Who knows what else the year will bring? I couldn’t be prouder of her. Anyway, since it’s Friday and all, I’d say it’s time for some confessions:

1) It always seems that every year at least one person asks me what it’s like to share a birthday as a twin.
I love getting twin questions, and I always answer this one in one simple word: AMAZING.
It’s amazing to share a birthday each year with your very best friend.

It’s amazing to grow up and have joint birthday celebrations (twice the cake, twice the friends, twice the fun!)

It’s amazing and a true blessing to be a twin.

2)I should have been a wedding planner
As much as wedding-related activities can be stressful, it has truly been such a fun process with my sister and it was SO fun to make her wedding invitations this past weekend.  Although we were very tired of gluing and assembling after 150+ invitations, they came out better than we ever imagined. Looks like I should have been a wedding planner…or maybe just an invitation maker!

3)I couldn’t have felt more loved on my birthday
Seriously,  I am so blessed. I have the best boyfriend, family, and friends around. The flowers, cards, packages, multiple phone calls and all of the messages I received throughout the day were so touching. Even though I had to be  in class all day, I couldn’t stop smiling from the amount of love I felt. Thank you all for your kindness. 28 feels great so far!

Also, this was by-far the highlight of my food-related birthday treats:
A Dairy Queen Confetti Cake Blizzard. OMG. All I can say is, if you have a DQ in your area, go order this NOW.

4) I am positive I have a cauliflower problem
Ever since my Mom introduced me to a gluten-free, dairy-free “cauliflower poppers” recipe that involves nutritional yeast as a main ingredient, I have been HOOKED on cauliflower. I’ll share the simple recipe soon, it is a definite keeper!

5) 11 days remain…
The countdown is dwindling…Brandon is home in 11 days and counting! I have to pinch myself on a daily basis; I can not believe we are almost down to single digits. Ahhhh!  Wishing my love a wonderful last week with his mates down-under.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Anyone else ever want to be a wedding planner?
Have you cooked with nutritional yeast?
Do you like Dairy Queen?
I am literally obsessed.


18 thoughts on “28, feeling great: Confessions

  1. Great post, youre so beautiful :))) ive definetely day dreamed about being a professional wedding planner yes hahaha ♥♡♥

  2. I loveee nutritional yeast, it’s one of my favorite pantry staples!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! To EVERYONE! I’m glad you got some legit treats for your bday, hell yes to ice cream.

  3. Happy belated birthday, beautiful! Hope this is an absolutely wonderful year for you :)

    I’m not engaged, but I will be seeking your invitation savvy when I am haha! Those are some awesome looking invitations. You probably had glitter showing up in random places for days haha!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ladies!!! There’s so much love between sisters… must have been a blast celebrating as kids. Speaking of, you are such a good sister lending your skills to those wedding invites. They came out beautifully and I’m sure you girls had a great time doing them together. You should be in the double digits by now. Hope the days pass quickly!!! BTW we are flying to Boston Saturday for the marathon. Would love to get together if you’re around. No pressure though, I think it might overlap with the greatest reunion of all time ;)

    • OMG you’re coming to Boston?!!! I am unfortunately going to be in Maine for the weekend for Easter on Sunday, but how long are you guys staying? I am driving in Monday night to pick up B at the airport and would love to meet up if it somehow could work! Xoxo

  5. First of all, happy birthday to you and your beautiful twinsy! You two are precious and gorgeous! :) Glad you’re enjoying the wedding planning, I’ve never had to do anything like it and I don’t anticipate being any good at it, if I ever get married. THAT BLIZZARD! YES! I can’t imagine.
    But the best part about this post – your countdown, since you’ve posted, is now in the SINGLE DIGITS WHAT WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  6. Oh my GOSH that Confetti Cake Blizzard – I die.

    Also I’m a twin too! I have a twin brother though. I loveeeeeeeeee it because I always had a childhood partner in crime. I could definitely do without sharing a birthday (having to agree on a cake/restaurant is not my favorite haha) but the rest has been great

  7. I missed this post!!! Happy Birthday, Merry!!! I have a feeling 28 is going to be a wonderful one for you :) Now you’re in the single digit countdown to Brandon! Soooo exciting.

    I also await your cauliflower recipe. You know my recent love for nutritional yeast, and that roasted version sounds perfect.

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