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my heart’s with boston & my dear michelle

Hey there, I hope everyone is doing well. In the midst of the tragedy back home in Boston, it’s been a somber week here, with lots of tears for our city, friends, family, and everyone affected in the horrific event. I never imagined seeing a “Boston Bombing” headline on the news and in the papers in my lifetime,  so I certainly never imagined seeing it on the news in Australia. It is truly heartbreaking.  

As a result of living and working in Boston since graduating, the majority of my friends live in the city, and I knew most of them would either be at the marathon, or near the marathon. Sadly one of my dear friends, Michelle, was injured.  I ask that you please say a prayer for her, as she is in the midst of her second surgery today to mend her wounds. Michelle is originally a “Mainer” like me, and when I met her at work almost 5 years ago, we hit it off from the start.  Over our years working together at John Hancock, she became  like a sister to me, and was my morning gym buddy, iced coffee and sangria partner, frequent lunch date, and a best friend. She is the sweetest person I know who is forever smiling and always thinks of others before she thinks about herself. She was simply an innocent bystander at the marathon on Monday, there  cheering on her boyfriend who was running the race. Finding out she was hurt was absolutely devastating, so I am relieved  to be able to say she is going to be okay. We have been texting back and forth frequently, and she is truly one of the bravest people I know.  Her positive attitude, bright outlook, and strong support system will help her on her road to recovery.  Please keep her and all those affected in your prayers. I love you, Michelle, I’m thinking of you every second!
(Beautiful Michelle is on the right in every picture)

This tragedy also hits close to home because for the last 4.5 years of my life, I called Boston home, and I truly couldn’t love a city more.  My former company, John Hancock, sponsors the Boston Marathon, so as an employee, Marathon Monday is the most exciting day of the year. In my four years with John Hancock, I volunteered at the marathon each and every year, and sat in the finish line bleachers for all of those years, too.
Volunteering with my girls every year.

If I was still living in Boston, there is a 100% chance I would have been at the Marathon finish line this year, too. The thought alone is chilling.  It could have been anyone that was harmed…it could have just as easily been me. 

I have so much love for this city, our Nation, my dear Michelle, and everyone in it. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. Boston, you’re in my heart always.