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Mission’s Accomplished

Hey there! How’s your weekend? Mine is almost over, but it’s been a great and mostly-relaxing one. On Friday, I finished my first class of the semester, and on Saturday, completed my first group project of the semester, too…Mission’s accomplished! 2 weeks of class 9-5 everyday including Saturdays was not my definition of fun,  but it’s worth it.  Now I just have to finish 2 more projects and take my exam, and 3 credits are coming my way. Works for me!

Anyway, this week it was Valentines Day, and I have to say, it felt quite different celebrating in Australia. Normally I feel bombarded by the masses of candy, stuffed animals, and decorations in stores, but it’s just not as big over here (at least in our area).  I couldn’t even find Valentine’s m&m’s…the horror! I had to search high-and-low for the baking necessities to make a “valentine-themed” dessert for Brandon, but luckily I found what I needed eventually: pink marshmallows, red icing, and pink sprinkles for valentine Rice-Krispy treats : – )


I actually whipped these up on Wednesday night so they’d be ready for Brandon’s arrival. He’d been gone all week on business, so these were waiting for him in the fridge, and I’m happy to say he loved them. Then, on the night of Valentines Day, he surprised me with my very own homemade edible arrangement. Look at this beauty:

He spent HOURS on it, and I was so touched.  Isn’t he talented? In addition to this, he cooked  a delicious coconut-shrimp dinner with roasted veggies and rocket/parmesan salad, AND he bought cupcakes.

He’s pretty much the best!

This weekend, after working on my project all night on Friday,  heading to an early bootcamp Saturday, and working on my project for 7 hours (!) the rest of the day, I was ready for a relaxing night filled with wine, pizza, and my favorite guy. My go-to dinner on the weekend is homemade pizza, and this Saturday was no exception. I must say, it was a good one!


Sunday morning we had a delicious brunch on the water. Muesli with berry coulis was the order for me.  Muesli has become my go-to brunch in Australia. I am obsessed.


Sunday has concluded with homework, take-out, and a quick facetime session with my favorites back in CT:

I love those little boys.

How was your weekend? What’s your “go-to” weekend meal?