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Appreciating the moments

Hello, hello! Long time no talk on my part.  I really marvel at how time flies.  The last two weeks were some of the busiest I’ve had since I returned home, and while they were jam-packed with some very exciting things (and some not-so-exciting things like exams), I tried my very best to appreciate each and every moment as it came. Lately I’ve felt like I blink and suddenly a day is over, a week is gone, or a month has passed, and I just don’t like it!  So I made myself a goal to simply slow down and appreciate more moments. When I slow down, everything else seems to fall into place and I just feel happier.
Things that I try to do to savor special moments include taking pictures, tapping out of technology, and just ‘being present’. Also, I find that no matter how busy I am, if I make a list and plan accordingly, everything seems works out.  Here’s some special moments I appreciated the last couple of weeks:

Moment One:
Brandon came home to the USA for a visit (and coincidentally he needed a t-shirt (my t-shirt) to sleep in LOL!)
He was home to be a groomsman in his best friend’s wedding and I was fortunate to be invited to attend with him. It was honestly the best wedding I’ve ever been too. The love in the air just made me smile and my feet still hurt from dancing 5 days later! Congratulations Katie and Michael!

Moment Two:
Mimosas with my boss after a great accomplishment of his. I’m so happy we did this because it was necessary to take a moment and celebrate. Plus, mimosas always seem to hit the spot!

Moment Three:
Walks and talks and down-time with my parents. After living so far away, I’m just loving being back together.

IMG_3556 IMG_4584
(Please note it’s only October and my Dad is dressed for freezing temperatures already!)

Moment Four:
Quality time with my second family. When I say it never gets easier to see Brandon head back to Australia, I mean it. It never gets easier. However, being surrounded by loved ones certainly helped, and fried clams helped our sad moods, too! We were just missing you, B!

Moment Five:
Alone time/retail therapy. When I’m down, my go-to cheer-up reliefs include shopping, baking, and exercising. If anyone has a few other alternatives that won’t have me spending money or eating copious amounts of chocolate, I’m all ears! However, even though I really shouldn’t have been shopping, I couldn’t help but be psyched that I scored a new dress with a gift card(that I wore to the wedding) and a striped hoodie, both of which I’m loving!
A much-needed run
Dress shopping
Loving this nautical hoodie.

I hope you have a special weekend, friends.

How do you slow down and appreciate each moment?
Does anyone else shop, bake, or eat chocolate to cheer yourself up?
Do you like weddings?

I seriously LOVE them. I officially have wedding fever!


The best part of my weekend

Hey there, how was your weekend? I feel like I’m still recovering from mine, but in a good way. I’ve come to the conclusion that because I did so many different things, my weekend felt longer. Strange, but true! And longer weekends=happy Meredith!  Although I was utterly exhausted on Sunday night after a very busy Mother’s Day shift at work, Friday and Saturday were full of rest, exercise, ice-cream, good food and good friends. Can’t beat that!

Here’s a few of my favorite things from the weekend:

-A skinny Cappuccino to start Saturday off right:

-Ice-cream in a waffle cone for lunch:
…because sometimes you just need ice-cream for lunch! Who’s with me?
One scoop cookie dough and one scoop gold rush. I think this was the greatest lunch I’ve ever eaten. I have no regrets!

-Shopping purchases from Saturday, when Brandon bought me the greatest oven mitt EVER invented:
Don’t worry, we didn’t buy Brandon one. He was just being a good sport and trying it on for me : – )

-Some Saturday studying, but studying is always a little easier when it’s on the ocean:IMG_2771

-Saturday night attire for dinner with the girls:
That’s probably the most uncomfortable skirt I own, but I still love it!

-Mother’s Day 5.2K race on Sunday morning with my friend Kristy:
It was a fun race with great energy and a lot of people, which surprised me for a Sunday! I loved that it honored all of the Mom’s out there. Plus, I got a PR so I was quite excited!

-Part of my Sunday post-race brunch:
Note to self, I REALLY need to start making muesli parfaits. This was delicious!

-And finally, the best part of my weekend:
I purchased my flights home for late June through July!!!!! Boston and Maine, here I come! I.am.ecstatic!
The countdown to home begins : –)
All-in-all, a lovely weekend. I just wish I could have spent it with my Mom. Next year I hope!

What was the best part of your weekend?
Do you ever eat ice-cream for lunch?
I do it from time-to-time and it always makes me happy, so I think it’s perfectly acceptable!