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Friday Confessions: moments

Hey friends! Long time, no talk. Time sure has slipped away from me this summer. It is SO hard to believe we’re almost to Labor Day.  I don’t know how you’re feeling about it, but I’m quite honestly having mixed emotions.  Since the end of summer is upon us (I hate saying that but it’s true… I start classes in less than 2 weeks!), I wanted to be sure I wrote about some of my favorite moments through the last few months. After all, even though I originally started this blog to share recipes,  it has truly become a space to also express my feelings and write about memories I never want to forget.

We all have moments that stick out in our minds…happy and sad moments, freaking-out moments,  life is oh-so-good moments, etc. I’ve certainly had my fair share of cries and hysterical moments this summer, but all-in-all, there’s been a lot more happy moments that stand-out in my mind more than anything at all. For one, Brandon came home,  for another, my sister got married, and just yesterday we signed a lease and move in one week! While the summer has also had its challenging moments, mostly it’s been incredibly special. I will always look back on these few months and cherish these times.   My favorite moments were:

Moments with my parents: It’s been incredibly rewarding to live with my parents this past year. Having this one-on-one time with them day-in and day-out as an adult has been so special. I’ll always hold dear to my heart the early morning work-outs and walks with my Mom, movie and dinner dates with my Dad, bike rides, mother/daughter day-off trips, and grocery shopping together…man-oh-man I’m going to miss my parents. I will never be able to thank them enough for their generosity this year and I will always treasure these moments.

An evening stroll in Kennebunkport

Fried food date with Dad (YOLO)

Bike ride cuties


Moments with friends: I haven’t seen nearly enough of my girlfriends these past few months, but no matter how far apart we live, the second we’re together, it’s just like old times. Much love to my girls.

Moments with my other half:Although I’ve only seen my sister ONCE this summer (I can’t even believe that’s the truth), every second of  being together was wonderful. Best friends forever and always.

Moments with grandparents (and the grand-dogs):
It has been a summer of adjustment without our Boppa around for all of us, especially for Nana. For that reason, we’ve tried to keep her busy and keep her surrounded by loved ones at all times.  Moments with Nana and my Mem are always full of laughter and love, but they’re never quite long enough. My parents would agree that moments with their “grand-dogs” are never quite long enough, either.

Moments of celebrating love:
It is the summer of weddings and I have loved it! Witnessing some of our closest friends and family members exchange heartfelt vows has been so special and has warmed my heart. Plus, attending them with Brandon has made them even more special.

Moments of togetherness:

I have not spent nearly enough time with Brandon this summer as I’d hoped, but we are so excited about our upcoming move and future endeavors. I’m thankful for the special moments we have had this summer, and can’t wait for future together.

Moments at work: The biggest challenge I faced this summer was creating a work/life balance for myself. While I didn’t exactly excel in this balance, I am really proud of the improvements I made in my managing skills and food-service skills, along with the commitment and dedication I showed throughout the season. I truly couldn’t love a small business more.  


Do you have any stand-out moments of the summer?

What’s up for Labor Day?
I will either be moving or working, so please share some fun plans so I can live vicariously through you!

Australia Loving…february

Hello, hello! For anyone reading, I apologize for my week-long absence. As of last week, I officially became a student again (yay!) and ever since, I have  barely had a moment to breathe. We even had class on Saturday (I hope that never happens again)! But on a positive note, I’m loving being back at school and finally feel as though I’m studying something I actually want to be studying.  I really wish I’d done that the first time around, but with age comes experience, right ? Much to my surprise, I’m not the oldest one in class and  I didn’t forget how to study, so I should be prepared just in time for next week when I start my full schedule. I know I’ll have a lot to share in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here’s some things I’ve been loving in Australia this month:

1) .30 cent vanilla soft-serve cones: Yes, you read that correctly, .30 cents. Have I been living under a rock? Was I the only person who didn’t realize soft-serve was so cheap at McDonalds? If that’s the case, I’m making up for it at lightening speed…2-3 cones per week has been happening lately!

2) Fun drinks: I went out with a few of my girlfriends and ordered this “Key West Cooler”. It sounded American, which was why I chose it, and it didn’t disappoint! It was sweet yet refreshing.  Isn’t it pretty?

3) Simple dinners: The heat and humidity over the last few weeks has put a serious damper on my desire to cook. I’m thankful for veggie burgers, rotisserie chicken, sweet potatoes, eggs,  fresh fruit, and frozen vegetables. Even when I’m tired and don’t necessarily feel like cooking, it’s easy to eat healthy when I have those ingredients around!



4. Fresh flowers: Everything about flowers makes me smile. The colors, the smell, and the way they brighten up a room just makes me happy! Thanks to Brandon for these beautiful “back to school” beauties.

5. The entrance to my new school: It’s so tropical looking, I just love it!

6. New clothes: Thanks Mom for my dress : – )


7. Birthday cake flavored cookies: Or as they say in Australia “100s & 1000s”.  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the name, but I sure do love the taste!


8. Care packages and cards: Receiving mail never gets old! Thanks to my thoughtful friends Michelle and Monique, and my family for thinking of me.


9. Warm walks in February with my favorite: I for one am still not used to this “summer” in the winter thing!



10. Researching my future puppy: Currently this happens about once a week. I can dream right?


What are you loving this week?