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Friday Confessions

Hi there and happy Friday! I’m not sure where the time goes, but I’m not complaining. Friday came quickly this week! I have so much to share with all of you (wedding updates, recipes, etc.) but I have to get through my 4 exams next week before doing so. In the meantime, here’s my Friday confessions:

1) I have never been more ready for spring. As much as I love scarves, I’m over the cold. Over it, over it, over it. It can stop snowing any day now.

2) Airbrushed make-up rules. My sister, Shauna (a bridesmaid), and myself went in for our wedding make-up trial last weekend and it was amazing.  Porcelain-looking skin for the day? Sign-me up! Our make-up must-haves for the wedding are : bold lips, smoky eyes with shimmer, bronzing, and contouring. Does that make us pains-in-the-neck? If so, oh well. We are having Serai Beauty out of Greenwich, RI do our make-up, and they are lovely to work with. Can’t wait for May 25th!

3) I’m currently obsessed with the  ‘Irish Crème’ coffee flavor at Dunkin’ Donuts. I’ve been treating myself twice a week on my long days at school, as it gives me something to look forward to in- between classes. Just two pumps in a black iced-coffee works for me. I’m already dreading the day they take the flavor away.  Has anyone tried the mint coolatta? I’m such a sucker for promotional items.

4) My sister and I taste-tested potential wedding favors over the weekend. Cake-pops, cupcakes, and sugar cookies were on the menu. Can you say best job ever?! I am pretty sure she’s going to go with cake-pops from Sugar Bakery (a winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars), fingers crossed.

5) I started volunteering at a senior center this week and I absolutely love it. I’m creating and baking sugar-free desserts for the diabetics at the center and yesterday was my first group session. It was so fun to get to know some of the members, and was an amazing feeling to be doing something that I’m passionate about, while helping others. That is a win-win in my book.

6) I ran outside for the first time in over two months last week…ouch. While I’ve been getting my cardio in via other forms of exercise (elliptical, biking, and HIIT workouts) I must admit my entire body felt that run over the next few days; calves, thighs, abs, everything! I am so excited to pound the pavement consistently this spring. Go away, snow!

7) My sister’s bridal shower is only nine days away! Everything is really coming together, and I am so excited to celebrate the bride-to-be.  Since I am obsessed with all things Wedding Paper Divas, I loved the invitations my Mom and I picked out. Here’s a sneak peek:

8) Brandon comes home in 5 weeks, 5 weeks, 5 weeks! Clearly I have a countdown going. Can you blame me? He was recently in Sydney visiting friends who had a beautiful baby girl late last year, and sent me this picture. Isn’t this the cutest?

9) Eating gluten and dairy free (besides my wedding-favor tasting) is getting easier and easier thanks to more and more companies making great products, and adapting old recipes with new ideas. For example:
Best animal crackers I’ve ever tasted : 

-Spaghetti-squash bake with dairy-free parmesan cheese and gluten-free crushed crumb topping:

10) I need a dog. That is all.

What’s your Friday confession?

Have a great weekend, friends!


Friday confessions

Happy Friday to all! I can’t believe this was only a four day week. To me, it felt much, much longer. TGIF. Anyway, since it’s been a busy week, I have 8 zillion things I could talk about, but I figured I’d just ramble about a few of them today, and save the rest for next week!

Friday Confessions
1) I started a cleanse last week. Now before you start thinking it’s a ‘liquid-only’ cleanse or ‘oh-my-gosh-I’m-starving cleanse’, let me just say that it’s so NOT that type of cleanse. This girl has to eat! The cleanse I started is actually a gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, corn-free, alcohol-free, get-those-toxins-out-of-your-body cleanse that I’m doing it with my Mom. To be honest, I am 6 days in and loving it! (Please note I did not love it at first…giving up coffee is NOT an easy task. Neither is giving up dairy). I committed to cleansing for 14 days so I’m sticking to it. Truthfully, I’m doing this in order to try and self-diagnose myself as gluten intolerant or not. One more week to go! I don’t even feel like I’m cleansing though. Look what I’ve been eating:
I’m planning on going into-depth about this in a future post, and I’ve got some great new recipes to share, too! I really enjoyed Kelly’s recap on her week of going Paleo, so that is the inspiration for my future post. Thanks Kelly : –)

2) I planned and booked my sisters bridal shower AND bachelorette party this week. I.am.psyched. The bridal shower location is perfect. We are keeping the location a secret from my sister for now, but here is the view:

Plus the bachelorette weekend is going to be exactly what she wanted.  We’re heading to Atlantic City, NJ at the beginning of May and staying at Revel Hotel. I’m already counting down. Can’t wait to celebrate my twin,best friend, and the bride-to-be.
alm2 IMG_5978

3)  I am currently studying frantically for the GRE (aka the graduate school entrance exam) that I’m taking early next week. At this point, I’m just trying to have the mentality ‘I can only do my best’. Has anyone else taken this? If so, any tips? All I can say is, thank goodness for this book, and for blueberry smoothies. Those two things have helped me through!

4) I’m currently very jealous of Brandon’s climate versus mine. Check this out:
Hmmm…where would you rather be? Miss you, B!

5) I have reached the point of obsessiveness about getting a dog. My Instagram feed is filled with these photos and it’s making it 100 times worse:

Can you guess what kind of dog I want?  : –)
Have a great weekend, friends!

What are your confessions?
Anyone else ever try a cleanse? Like it? Dislike it? Please share!